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Hi all,

On trying to log on to http:// last night to check a part number I found that my log in details no longer worked. I went through the registration process again successfully and awaited the confirmation email from Citroen containing my User ID. The email arrived but the message was blank! A few more tries gave the same result.

Has any other user of Citroen Service encountered this problem?

I have also lost access to the similar Peugeot Service Box info, so it would appear that Citroen / Peugeot have been having a clear out of users.

There was a thread about this on FrenchCarForum recently.

They have been trying to block usage to people who are not professional mechanics.

You now HAVE to provide a valid VAT registration code (valid in terms of the checksum built into the numbers - not anything else) in order to register, but once you have done that people have got it working.

If you get as far as getting the email sent then it should have registered you OK, but a blank email probably means they have bugs in their system. Perhaps try again after a few days, or email them if you registration details stand up to scrutiny wink.gif

Peugeot have been doing exactly the same apparently. I imagine the system is much the same but with different data behind it - never looked at the Peugeot site though.
My last registration as a private individual lasted over a year, until I went to use it last week and it was cancelled. It seems they've done a mass cull of them.

I think I was lucky this time around, the past few times before that it was only lasting a month or so maximum before having to sign up a new account.

What confuses me is that the site still allows registration of accounts by 'non-professional' individuals, indeed it let me sign up again the other day to check details of that XM with the ABS issues.
If they don't want non mechanics using it (why??), then why allow them to register?

Find it quite annoying that they seemingly want to block what is a very valuable resource from customers. It helps them as well as the user, last time I went down to the local stealer parts dept, the guys were well impressed I just rhymed off a list of numbers, and they were able to order them right away, without having to spend 10 minutes looking them up. Why they would want to prevent this confuses me, but then its Citroen were talking about here...

Think I'm just going to get a valid company VAT number and register as an automotive 'professional' next time....

Just enter your country as Zimbabwe - they don't bother with vat codes i see!
I suppose anyone who's not VAT registered could just pull a VAT no. off any receipt and register with it........I think I'll register Tesco's for a Citroen account wink.gif

QUOTE (archman1 @ Feb 26 2009, 21:33 PM)
Just enter your country as Zimbabwe - they don't bother with vat codes i see!

But it won't give you UK prices if you do that, and the only reason I use it is to get the current prices up as I already have Laser to look up everything else.
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