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Hi Paul

We are giving out different information so I will leave this one to you.

Hi John..

Oooops... Im inclined to think its the early type ABS though with her having a lower RP number then my YOG.. which has early sensors on her ...

The fatter body Bendix sensors obviously didn't arrive untill around of after RP 6000 BUT THATS A GUESS... I have them on the Black Onyx S1, but Im not certain of its RP number, its a 1994 M reg car though...

Hi Paul

Bendix front sensor cut over RP was 5810 but this is NOT a critical item as you will see if you read my ABS self help.

Have given the whole problem a bit more though and think possibly we are in the detail and missing the big picture. We are answering the questions bite by bite as they are put. Lets go back to the start and try again.

To get the driveshaft type identified we need to know:
- Car Model and age - XM Mk1 - ???? - RPN 5702
- Engine/gearbox type - ????? - ????
- ABS type fitted - BENDIX - Later ABS ECU type
- Driveshaft hand - LH or RH ????
- Citroen part number - ????.??

All we need to do is answer the question marks. I will do that by editing in answers as we get them.

I think now that we have let the fact that the car is a Mk1 get in the way. The Bendix ABS and engine/gearbox combinations continued to be used in MK2 XM's for a while so the same driveshafts will have been used too. If you are looking for a Mk2 drive shaft the first question asked is "Is the ABS BENDIX or TEVES" to get the correct type of toothed ABS wheel fitted to the shaft. As it is the same driveshaft for a Mk1 then the answer to Caroline's ABS question is just BENDIX as all MK1's had a BENDIX ABS fitted.

Thanks for this
VIN number and Reg mark as always are also on your MOT certificate!

Okay I will find the MOT and get back to you
Okay I have got some information together which I hope will help you. As always thank you so much!

Reg No: K135 LGJ
Vehicle Identification: VF7Y3AH0004AH9082
XM Prestige
Registered: 31.10.1992
1998C petrol

I hope this is helpful.

Thank you all very much smile.gif


Ive run the Plate and its not a turbo....

It WILL be easyer to change the whole shaft, as theres different size shafts so you need to be sure to get the right size CV joint...

It will possible then have the BE type gearbox. I think the ML boxes were only used on the turbos and DERV engines - and the 24v V6 manual...

Ealry type ABS with thin sensors....

Thanks for this. When we looked into it we read that we need to know what type ABS we have - can you tell me what we need to look for?
Hi Carolin

From what i can gather of this thread you have the last (Bendix) abs system, with green wiring connectors in the wheelarches???????
From what xmexc has said there are two types of the Bendix system but both are compatable with the later bendix driveshafts, so i would say late bendix system the same as my XM which just so happens to be a 1992 k reg Prestige 2.0 8v R.P 5678.
With a bit of luck now some kind gentlemen will produce a part number?????


NO it has early Bendix with the THIN sensors on it!!

The later bendix DIDNT come untill around L reg... 1994....

Ive got the THIN sonsors on my K 1993 xm, with a slighty higher RP then Carolines, so they MUST have the thin sensors on her car!!

UNFORTUNALLY I dont have access to parts catalouges or part numbers..

What gearbox have you got then? the MLT type or the BE type?

Oh no! I really appreciate everybody helping but now I'm completely lost???
Well this is confusing the hell out of me laugh.gif i thought mk2's went to teves and mk1 was bendix??? i have the 4HP 18 box by the way Paul.
The later bendix type drive shafts will be compatable with both types of bendix abs though wont they?

Caroline, could you take a photo of the abs sensor fitted to the car and post it here at all????

I think the number will be one of these..

454509 ABR SENSOR AV LONG 940 (presumably the cable length)

96 161 385 ABR SENSOR AV

oops, sorry, you're looking for the drive shaft.

user posted image

Decide which part you need and we can then supply the part no.

Item no1 is the left shaft, item no2 is the long right one with the intermediate bearing.

According to EPC there are exchange shafts available, also it's worth checking with reconditioning companies.

If it's just the CV joint noisy try stripping it and repacking with molybdenum grease before condemning it.
Thanks Dieselman, I'm sure my husband will understand it (I only drive cars and put petrol in ).
The car is making a clonking noise when we go 'round the bend.
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