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Full Version So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish..............

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Hi Guys,

Following Doc's report I'm another year from getting my licence so I'll lurk on here until February 2010. Who knows; XM's will either have dropped in price to the point where you get paid to take them away, or they'll have become cars for collectors only; to be taken to car shows by trailer.................


Hi Jim

Very sorry to hear that the medical report went against you for driving this year.
Such a pity as it sounded borderline.

Best Regards

Sorry to hear that Jim. There are a few of us stockpiling them so you ought to be able to find one. biggrin.gif

That is a real shame Jim, it sounded so close to getting your licence back. sad.gif

Im sure by then there will still be Xms available, a lot of the tatty ones will have gone but the good ones will remain. There will always be the usual suspects on here with theirs, so im sure there will be one somewhere for you.

You never know, Andrew might be considering pruning his Xm collection by one or two when your next looking cool.gif

Sorry to hear that Jim, but don't loose heart.
Stick around, XMs, and this place, will still be here this time next year smile.gif

I was between XMs for about two or three years and was still here and on XM-L. The time will go quicker than you think smile.gif

Thanks everyone. Guess I'll lurk here for a while.............. You know the crazy thing? The symptoms I get (a mild visual disturbance that slowly affects about a quarter of my field of vision. Lasts about 4 minutes and is a minor irritation more than anything else. I can work during it but choose not to operate the lathe or grinder) can't be tested for, so I could lie and get my license back. I'll not do this, simply for the same reason I'll not operate machine tools during it; there's always a small chance that it could develope into something, and I really don't fancy falling into a lathe; it could spoil my ability to count up to ten. But, I wouldn't be surprised if a fair number of people who've had a single elileptic fit over a year ago do do it............ mad.gif
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