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Hi all, the Mechanically Able One and I recently attempted to change all 4 glow plugs on my XM 2.1TD auto estate. 2 were easy to get at, the other 2 downright impossible. Is there a knack/trick/brilliant manoevre anyone can suggest please-the car is REALLY hating cold mornings! Thanks all.
Are you sure the plugs are down and not the relay? wacko.gif

I only changed 3 on mine I just didn't want the hassle of doing the one behind the pump!
Sorry to be the bearer of bad new but there isn't a trick to this other than nimble fingers and cranked socket-spanners... the job is a right royal p.i.t.a mad.gif

Good luck, Colin.P
Aye,no tricks,it is just fiddly, i take the intake plenum off,just so you get a spanner in from the top.By the way how did you fair with the autobox problem?
If the plugs are stuck in try getting the engine really hot then undoing them. If still stuck use penetrating oil or diesel on them for a day or two first.
Thanks for your replies everyone, much appreciated. The autobox problem is on hold at the moment-dog needed x-rays which swallowed up unreasonable amount of cash! We just had a spectacularly beautiful daytrip to Bath, car behaving beautifully and technicolour Disney sunset over snowy fields . . .all the mechanical headaches seemed far away! Cheers, Donna.
Hi Blondie.
I removed the intake box to get at mine and that made it easy, but one of the plugs has a wire sticking out so you need a slotted socket unless it comes loose with an open end spanner.
Make sure the engine is not difficult to start because of the fuel heater! I found that to be my problem and I changed the plugs for no good reason. Bypassing the heater solved my problem. My engine would start, run for about 100 yards then cut out, then it would start again and be fine till the next morning. If I bled the fuel filter it started, and ran, okay
What I find helpful is a selection of spanners of different lengths and angles. You can sometimes get one on and give a fraction of a turn then use another to move it a bit further and so on.
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