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Hi Guys

Not in the Premier League of issues, this -- but just wondered if anyone has an easy fix.

Rear screen wash has never delivered water and frankly been too idle to bother. Now, however the front screen has also lost water delivery. The pump is working; there's plenty of fluid and no visible leaks -- so is there a favourite spot for a blockage, or is there no escaping dragging the arch liner out ?

The front and rear are completely different delivery circuits. There are 2 pumps in the washer reservoir one for the front and one for the rear. Therefore there will be 2 separate problems - though it could be one cause of dodgy fluid that has a tendency to congeal.

I have problems with my back washer as well, and the problem is that the cover with the jet in it does not fit snugly enough onto the spindle, so all the fluid just spurts out of bottom and runs down the number plate. I have tried replacing the cover and the motor/spindle and no combination of the parts I have got works properly. I did manage to get it to work for a while with some very careful use of PTFE tape, but it did not last for ever.

For the fronts, I had to replace my pipe a while back. I have clear pipe in there now so I can see if the fluid is flowing when looking into the scuttle by the filler neck. However, re-tubing requires taking the skuttle cover off which require removing the infamous trim by the mirrors.

Just to check the obvious. I presume you have checked that there is water in there and you re not relying on the sensor/warning light which could have gone faulty.
Hi Mike

For rear washer try inside the tailgate first. Pull the pipe off at the back of the washer motor and see if you get water pumped through. At least then you easily know if the blockage is at the nozzel end. Next joint back is a non-return valve by the passenger side rear tail-light. Then you can be sure you need to go forward to the front wing as it is a single pipe run over the doors and you would notice if it was leaking. If the tank is empty or split that could be why both are not working.

Rowanmoor wrote "I have problems with my back washer as well"

Me too, she gets a bit rough with the loofah! biggrin.gif

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