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my aging XM has an appetite for 30A fuses associated with the front wipers. Its nothing terminal as a new fuse enables the wipers to work again (for a further random length of time from hours to months). If on continuously there is no problem after the first wipe, but with the one hit wipe or intermittent the fuse often blows with the wipers mid wipe.

I have cured it (prolonged the inevitable) slightly by fitting smaller blades.

At first i thought the mechanism was worn casuing it to lock up when it got in a straight line - as was common on my old BX. But this seems not to be the case upon inspection.

As anybody else had trouble like this? Is the motor getting too old, if so is it easy to replace?

Not a problem I have ever had with four XMs, but obviously it can happen. It certainly sounds like excessive mechanical load stalling the motor, if the external linkage is well lubricated it could be the gearbox on the motor. It doesn't look to difficult to replace, its behind the scuttle trim panel, it does say in the book to'mark the position of the drive arm relative to the motor spindle' before disconnecting.

Hi Gav

Had this same thing happen to me on 2 of my old BX`s
As Pete said it was down to the motor overload
Hav a look around for a secondhand wiper moter and box thats the simple way round it
You could try and strip them both down but I think you will find you will need to find a replacement sooner than later
If you look in the available section you will find Craigdp has a XM he is scrapping
get back soon when you have more info for us

Taking the front wiper assembly out of the front scuttle is an absolute pig of a job. The brake valve and more importantly some of its pipe work are in the way and prone to damage. You can take out the three fixing bolts holding the wiper assembly in the scuttle, twist the assembly in the scuttle for access to the motor, then unbolt and replace the motor but you have to make sure that you mark and reassemle the motor drive and wiper arms in the correct position. The new motor may need to be plugged in and its position reset with the wiper control. If not it is possible to get the wiper arms to clash and burn out the motor. (Anyone want a burnt out motor that works on all settings except intermittant wipe?).
Another little problem is the two diamond shaped plastic piecs of trim at the ends of the scuttle cover. These originally clipped into place to cover the screws holding the scuttle cover. The holding clips on the trim will break if not already broken and refixed with a lump of epoxy putty. You will need some new epoxy putty when you put them back on.


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