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Full Version Highest Mileage From A 3.0 Petrol

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Go on, someone give the diesel lovers a run for their money.
XM v6 sadist

We are hardly competing. 180K 24v that I saw for sale a while ago. 144K one that BL Autos had for sale a while ago.

You'll never win this one!


Was that 24v with 180k mine that you're thinking about Tony? Mind, it wasn't/isn't
for sale!! Is this mileage thing not more to do with the V6's being more cherished and
used sparingly to prolong the ecstasy!? tongue.gif cool.gif laugh.gif

The diesels are the dependaple plodder DC10 and the V6's are more like Concorde!! laugh.gif

"The diesels are the dependable plodder DC10 and the V6's are more like Concorde!!
laugh.gif "

Nice analogy, Andrew.

Well my XM ticked over 250 000km just last week on the way to see some friends in the southern 'burbs of Sydney. They have a V6 that has done I think 350 000km and is in very good condition.
Ive got a unit in my V6 12v auto that when I removed from the donar car had about 181k on it... I done about 6k in it, and just about to put it back on the road end of the month...

She does have a slight cam chain rattle when you rev her up and let the revs drop theres a slight rattle, but when running fine!

Im not worried in the slightest, Ive got 3 other engines...

Ill get it to 200k easy, (the clocks in the car are showing 138k... engine is from an early S2, around M reg) I do 250 miles a week to and from work, thats before my weekend milage which can quite easyily be 150 miles without trying...

Yes, also, she does a small amount of oil, but NOTHING pouring out the back..

The diesels are the dependaple plodder DC10 and the V6's are more like Concorde!!

Ahh... this might not be such a good analogy.. the Concorde airframes probably have more hours on them than most DC10s! and a far better reliability record!
QUOTE (Andmcit @ )

the V6's are more like Concorde!! laugh.gif

If one of the V6's tyres blows, does the fuel tank catch fire? unsure.gif


Only when badly maintained by the owner and parts missed out!

The real cause of the crash in question was not the peice of DC-10 but the missing space in the landing gear, this caused the A/C to pull to one side
this is a little sensaionalised but

however it is likley that the missing spacer put the A/C in a position in the runway where debris from other A/C is commonly found
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