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Driving into Edinburgh tonight, my clutch cable snapped. Luckily I had my bike in the back and enough momentum to carry in into an empty car park.

Had a quick search here on the forum to find the Citroen replacement it £120. Do the likes of Euro Car Parts stock them too?

Just when the car was going well too. Got the newish strut tops fitted, cured the leaking heater matrix ( split O ring). Even found myself looking at a C5 as a replacement.

How pesky is the cable replacement?
Right, I'm guessing your car is a manual then!? biggrin.gif tongue.gif laugh.gif

Your car isn't a VERY rare (s2) manual 2.1 estate is it? Don't tell PeterN if it is...

I had a gander through your old postings to try and work out what car you need a cable to fit!
It certainly doesn't look like GSF list clutch cables but that's not to say they aren't worth
contacting in Reading HQ to see if you get any sense out of them there - don't waste time
with your local guys.

Alternatively, try contacting AEP who seem to be selling a lot of bits for Xm's on ebay or a
decent motor factors branch is another good alternative.

I've drawn a blank so far. Yes its a '96 2.1 td estate N47? YBL.

Euro car parts didnt have a losting, neither did Pentland Components.

I'll have to try Partco or Dingbro on Monday.
For the sake of a hundred quid from the dealer you could end up buying another load of work
buying another car! Obviously it would be handy if a decent Motor Factors can provide a cable
for a decent price and a bit of ringing around could win out at the end of the day. For what it's
worth the part number/price for a cable for a TD Xm lists as:

00002150J7 CABLE-CLUTCH 105.39 GBP 121.20 GBP inclusive of VAT

user posted image

I have done a cable replacement and survived! biggrin.gif The most fiddly bit is getting it hooked onto the clutch pedal, easier if you take the front seat out. You also need a tool made from a wire coat hanger to release the tensioner, if you do it, ask me.
I think you will have to bite the bullet and get one from Citroen. Its probably cheaper than getting the fault codes read on a C5. biggrin.gif


It is very rare, there are probably less than thirty Jan 96 2.1 manual estates still in existance, the last model with a manual gearbox and mechanical Bosch pump, which in my book make them the best of the bunch. They are all registered 'N---YBL and I have three of them (10%?). My green estate is also N47? YBL biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

If you do think of scrapping it, give me first option will you? What colour is it? I need a blue one and a silver one to complete the set. biggrin.gif
Can you fit the hydraulic clutch from a 406/605 ??? I don't know why Citroen keeps using cables. Eg: the CX, they have a terific hydraulic clutch in the prestiges that actually uses the central hydraulics (so much like the brakes, your not doing any of the work). yet they only fitted it prestiges, and fitted a heavy sh!tty clutch pedal/cable assembly to 99.9995% of manual cars (that soon broke there overcentre springs dramatically increasing pedal weight).

Shane L.
There is a cable listed at for a 2.1TD part no vvc 415 priced at £58.05. The part number seems to be Motaquip but not listed in their on-line cat. Have a look and contact them as may be old stock. Hope you may be lucky.

The AA got me home last night. Patrol man said it was a plastic clip that holds the clutch cable in place that had broken. Which I'm guessing is part no. 7 in the diagram.

I'll pop down to my Citroen dealer in the morning and see if they can gey me one.

Peter N, mine is a white ( I think it looks great with tinted green glass) with ally wheels. 160,000 miles. N476 YBL

Im not sure what I'm going to do, but the MOT expires in a couple of weeks. The C5 I was looking at is in Northamptonshire. I'm in Fife and need to work out a one way trip if I want to get the C5. I'll speak to its owner tonight.

If I get the clutch gizmo fixed, perhaps we could arrange something.
The the clip is part of the cable fitting Im afraid, the slotted bit at the end. No 7 is the cable guide.

My green one is N471YBL, I have just bought a white one that's N469YBL, 149k miles.
I went to the new Citroen dealership in Kirkcaldy on Monday. They were experiencing computer problems so called up another branch. I didnt go armed with the above exploded diagram. I was told the part I needed was a common part with other models. What I was given has a part number on its bag of 2128.21.

It doesnt look like anything in the above diagram. Its in white plastic.

What do I need to remove at a minimum to gain access to the pedal assembly. I've taken off the lower dash panel, and slid the drivers seat as far back as it will go and its still a maze. Would removing the steering column be worthwhile. Im quite wide shouldered so I can sense its going to be a struggle.
I'm sure I remember someone saying they removed the driver's seat. (Peter?)
That's right I did. You need to be able to see the cable linkage to fit the end on to the pedal. If you are a lot younger than me you can probably contort yourself so that your head is on the floor as far forward as you can get, but its much easier if you remove the seat, not difficult, four bolts and a few plugs. You also need a good source of light and thin fingers, You probably won't be able to get both hands in, but what is required will become evident when you can see it.

You may be able to fit it by having someone poking the end through the bulkhead while you watch from inside, if they can push it in the right direction it might slip on.

Might I add that I am pleased you have decided to repair it, but I still think you will need a complete cable.

Its got too much soul, to be left immobile. I'm going to have to get back on the trail of the complete cable. The local dealers are rubbish. Might try the guys through in Edinburgh.
Hi mcmoonter,

According to Citroen Service, part no 2128.21 is only fitted to various Xantia Mk1 and Mk2 models. There is no application listed for any XM model.

2128.21 corresponds to item no 2 on the attached Xantia drawing below which looks nothing like the earlier drawing of the XM arrangement.

Are you sure the cable has actually snapped? I recall other posts describing clutch operation failure due to elongation of the pivot hole(s) in the plastic relay quadrant that sits on the engine side of the bulkhead. It is not clear from the drawing if this plastic quadrant forms part of the replacement clutch cable assembly (item 6), but it isn't listed as a part on its own.

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