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I am looking for the technical specs on the different auto gearboxes .

Could anyone give me a web ad or tell me were I can download them

Had a look in the Haynes joke book but I might as-well looked in a childrens story book

I need to know the difference in gear ratio`s Etc and if there are any difference in the Mk1/2

Someone must have some info please
Hi guest,

If you register on club-xm and accept a cookie then every time you visit the site you'll be logged in automatically. Without being logged in you won't know when someone has replied to your post. The automatic e-mail generator won't work if you're not logged in.

To answer your question I need just a bit more info. Which particular boxes are you referring to. There are many, but not all boxes bolt on to all engines. Can you explain in a bit more detail what you're trying to do? I have info for most boxes.


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