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Full Version Xm On Classic Insurance?

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Hi Folks,

Does any member have there XM insured this way?

I was wondering if I could manage to do this as a second car policy and get a good price?


yes, i had it done that way, highway i think it was via my broker, cost me 250 for the v6 with no ncb as the ncb was on the taxi.

limited mileage mind
Wouldn't suit me, I do about 18k a year!

My insurance, third party fire and theft plus windscreen with full no claims is £116.00, the new insurance with no NCB on the hatch is just about £200.00. I don't see the point of fully comp unless the car is immaculate, they will only write it off.
The thought was I could afford to keep the C5 and the XM if the insurance was cheap enough.

I've entered some details with Moneysupermarket and got some surprising results.

Third party only starting from £350
TPF&T from about £300
Full Comp from £175

This is without any NC discount because I want to keep that on the C5. These aren't classic prices as far as I can tell, most companies will only do that on 15 year old cars.

Hi Steve, i got an online quote from admiral with a multicar policy for my two 2.1 autos and my wifes colt DI-D for £418 fully comp on all 3.
Hi Steve

Keep searching as you should be able to find an insurer that will grant you a mirror of your present full no claims bonus as an introductory bonus for insuring the second car.
The other option is trader insurance which covers multiple cars.

Its true, third party can sometimes be more than fully comp, something ive noticed when getting quotes for various cars.

To open a trade policy you need (normally) to be able to show that you work in the motor trade, either buying or selling cars or having to test drive/deliver customers cars etc.

Multicar may be the way to go, have you tried getting a quote there?

I agree about the third party thing, on a car which is worth less than £1000, any accident will more than likely make it a write off. So it would be better to keep the car and get it repaired yourself, if its not too bad, so it may as well be TPFT.

Not sure how many Xms would class for a classic car policy though!
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