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Hi All
Well, what a lot of feedback!
Yes, it was the crankshaft pulley right at the bottom.
It's opened up a few options as to which way to go.
Buy New
Repair - (forklift rubber bonding company)

The car has clocked up 185,000. Thinking back to a couple of years ago, when I went to France on hols and it broke down due to the aircon pulley seizing up, that could have caused the primary damage by putting a load on the crankshaft pulley causing it to "unbond itself", and has gradually deteriorated since. So, if you have a 2.5, unless you have had an aircon pulley seize, I don't think it is that common a problem.

Regards shredding of the belt, if the bottom pulley starts to go out of line due to the rubber deteriorating and becoming soft and spongey, that would make sense.

The cheapest option would be a secondhand one. What Peugot do I need to be looking for to get a pulley for the 2.5 engine - is it the 605?

Second Option repair by rebonding which would make it as good as new. Does anyone know of any rebonding companies?

Thanks for all the replies

QUOTE (Andmcit @ Jan 13 2009, 22:37 PM)
Now I understand a little more about the 2.5TD's, what is the definitive reason for the aux
belt shredding in strips and snapping in very short order. Is it the tensioner or the actual
main crank that's thrown off line? And does the spring damper set up cause any issues?
The 2.1 my father is using has a bit of a chattering flutter on the tensioner at idle as the
small damper strut is well past it's sell by date...

I know there's been plenty mentioned on this forum before but there doesn't seem to be a
conclusive fix but I recall the correct belt length is critical on the AC?

Anyone want to pitch in any thoughts!!?


Hi Andrew

On my current one the belt was getting sliced up by the edge of the tensioner pulley. The pulley assembly was well down the much discussed wear path (on its pivot point) and the edge of the canted over wheel was simply acting as a blade. Fixed that by converting it to manual adjustment and fixed.

Re. belt size, I found the QH listed one spot on.

Hi shoestring,

I know Watts tyres do forklift wheel bonding so don't know if they could help.
I've just found this link on ebay to a German seller. Not speaking German, I presume it's a pattern part, but it does say it fits the 2.5TD Brake (estate).
Well, to be fair he's quoting the correct part number so if it is a pattern his homework/reference
is OK. Shame the £ is worth about a euro now mind. Check his postage fees from Germany very
carefully as they may well chuff the price back up to the sold by your local friendly Citroen Parts
man. I've had good and very bad experiences from dealing with German ebay sellers where in
one instance I was left without the £200+ quid paid for what turned out to be a duff computer
component AND the item when I was asked to send it back for a replacement...

...anyhow; good old Babblefish online translator comes up with:

Wheel for crankshaft, decouples Citroen/Peugeot various Citroen/Peugeot OE-NR.: 0515.H3
New part Euro 99, - Wheel Dispatch Euro 5,95 within Germany Sample picture does not
correspond to the original Decoupled wheel for crankshaft for various Citroen/Peugeot models
Specifications/measures: Number of ribs: 5 for which vehicles of these articles fits can following
list be taken: etc etc

Thanks for the translation Andrew. I'll send an email to enquire about postage costs to see if its worth it.
Here are some pics from Planete-Citroen showing failure of a 2.1TD (Xantia) pulley to illustrate Steve's point. I will be keeping a close eye on mine from now on with the paint mark check.
A search on French ebay showed the pulley is available for about £68 delivered (assuming the pound pauses its current freefall against the Euro). However I didn't see a 2.5TD version on offer.

Hi All
I finally got delivery of a new pulley today from a french Ebayer. Brand New inc delivery €70.80 EUR.
(My brother suggested the following search).
To find pulleys for XM's on Ebay put the following address into your browser :-

Make sure you have got your ebay setting to search worldwide. You can also put in the search bar on Ebay the following:- POULIE PEUGEOT BOXER.

The ebay sellers name was w_webautopieces_com

Happy hunting! cool.gif
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