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The XM's spring is much, much harder than the Xantias, and doesn't impact brake feel much either way

Yep, but if you had a mk1 they have no spring in the brake pedal, from what i understand the spring was added to the mk2 along with the dash etc etc to make them less quirky and Citroen like to appeal to the masses.

I drive a nice Mark 1 XM yesterday.... It's bouncy brake pedal is terrible !! You must live in a LHD country where they don't fit the spring unit !

S/hane L.
This it the piece of sh!t spring unit they fitted to the Xantia... And you wonder why it's brakes are so hidiously digusting to use....

user posted image

This is before I removed the spring and replaced with solid pipe !

This is the XMs:

user posted image

Yeah I know it's a shocking picture, but as you can see it's completelly diffent, but still very average to use !

Shane L.
Pages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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