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I've been thinking a lot about the various models down the years, what I'd like to love to own, what I like, and what I'm ambivalent about.

Objects of Desire:

CX - this is the top of the heap for me. I'd need at LEAST 3, an estate, a Prestige, and a GTI Turbo for hooliganism (I intend to own at least the first and last of these). Of course, the real top would be a Loadrunner with Familiale seats, for the ultimate combination of load space and seating. I'd hate to park it though.

DS - A DS saloon was something I always imagined I'd have. I always thought if I had a job with a good car allowance, I'd drive one. In the event, I got a Saab, and regretted it. Don't know whether a DS would've coped with my mileage though.

GS - As a kid, I always imagined I'd have a Break, mostly cos I wanted a CX break, but didn't think I'd be able to afford one. Now, I'd have a GSA, as late as possible. If I was rich, this would be early into my car collection, perhaps even before I'd finished buying Maseratis.

XM - Of course, I have one. But my dream XM would be a Series 1 estate, 2.1 TD manual with working cruise, in black or maroon, and the cream leather interior I've only recently realised exists. Bling!

Ami 6 - Give me that slanty window joy!

C4 Coupe - yep, there's a current one I lust after. Sure, it needs oleopneumatics, but it sure is 'andsum.

2CV - gotta have a tin snail at some stage.

BX - Just about scrapes in here. I've had one, but mine was a poverty spec 1.7 NA diesel, so as good as it was (and I loved it) it wasn't really an object of desire. It'd need to be a 1.9 TD with leather, and aircon etc, or a GTi.

Well, they're ok.....

C6 - might make it into objects of desire when they get cheaper....

Xantia - not super inspiring, but I was considering buying one, and at least it's hydraulic.

AX - a fine little car, and should be fun in GTi mode.

C4 - the saloon is pretty enough

Dyane - not quite a 2CV, but cool enough

Ami 8 - a bit Renaulty....


C5 - boring, and ugly

ZX - capable, but dull

Xsara - just like every other car
Very good list, i agree with just about all of them smile.gif

Are we to make a list of our own?

Id love a 2cv as a hobby car, great fun things. I did the Tan Hill run on Sunday with the 2cvGB club, a very enjoyable day watching around 90 2cvs climb the hills. I took the 6 wheeler for that, not a 2cv i know, but it certainly drew attention, i think ill get it sign written - "Citroen made this, not me!" laugh.gif

Hmm, ill get working on my 'Desired Citroens' list. dry.gif
now here is a topic i am sure will invoke some memories...

the low down on my history...

used, and would still use given the chance:
2cv's a plenty - loved all of them and the memories that go with. still got a kit car based on one (actually based on several but heh who's counting)

ami super. the 4 cyl air cooled version. if only i hadnt let that go, but i was only 16 when i owned it.

bx... perfect fist motorway basher for me. adequate by todays stds but back then was brilliantly reliable and economical

xm. always wanted one since seeing the very first import at a CCC rally. Settled for a 12 yr old top engine (2.5t) top spec. best car i've ever had add (apart from a lotus elise but its hardly comparable)

c4 picasso. a recent addition and getting used to it. the first car i've seen which finally has more toys than the xm... well seat position memory anyway and quad zone air con (the rest is xm exc spec i guess). practical with three kids!

others i've driven or had and not so proud of include:
visa, zx, dyane ... no comment required

ax. v.good light weight (when that was fashionable) and economical run around. the 1.4 diesel gave 60+ mpg back then. but nothing special.

xantia... bland, no

c4.. virdicts out on that one

c1. i'm liking these with a 2cv mindset but not sure they are quirky enough (who said i wasnt a true citroen fan).

ideal ownership:
SM.. if my assumptions are true.

XM (or C6) estate with back seats suitable for three kid seats!

latest generation tiny tiny city car with some serious weirdness factor. This doesnt exist but wait for the gordan murray car to come out to see whats possible.
QUOTE (Citroenmad @ Jan 8 2009, 21:06 PM)

I did the Tan Hill run on Sunday with the 2cvGB club, a very enjoyable day watching around 90 2cvs climb the hills. I took the 6 wheeler for that, not a 2cv i know, but it certainly drew attention.


Then you should have seen me in my XM.......complete with trailer smile.gif

I passed the 2CV's going in the opposite direction up Otley Chevin.......

Wish I'd had time to pull over and have a better look, there was a good variety of models, I didn't see two the same.
I saw the long wheelbase (limo? wacko.gif ) 2CV go past.

I didn't notice your six wheeler though.........I missed the star of the show sad.gif

you need to think about it Chris huh.gif

Now not many if any will agree with my list, but i will not be swayed by any argument no matter how reasonable or logical tongue.gif biggrin.gif

Dream list.

SM.................i dont need to explain why do i wink.gif

maserati Bora....................yes it is a Citroen

one of those huge xms that pop up here from time to time, cant remember what their called

Real world.

My xm, its part of the family now rolleyes.gif

Mk 1 xm v6 24v manual hatch Grey or burgundy metallic

MK2 cx turbo manual black

Any black ds with lots of chrome

Phase 2 bx valver

AX gti

C4 coupe
QUOTE (Citroenmad @ Jan 8 2009, 21:06 PM)
Very good list, i agree with just about all of them smile.gif

Are we to make a list of our own?

If you wish - entirely up to you!
This is a good 'game' - can I join in!! tongue.gif

Actually - my brain is in melt down on this topic with sooo much to say and such little time
or space here!! biggrin.gif Maybe it's fritzed out by the prospect of having to thin down my current
extensive collection rather than hypothesize or plan what I would like to add/own or at least

I've been very fortunate to have driven a couple of D's and been in the suicide seat of several
Sm's and whilst this may sound crazy, you know, I'm actually happier with the idea of driving/
owning a Cx GTi Turbo (series 1 or 2) than an Sm or Ds; whilst I'd love to own both of the older
cars, it'd be more because of some kind of mad Citrocollectomaniac tendencies I'm prone to but
which are kept in check by economic realities!!

Unfortunately, I realise if I got EVERYTHING I currently have sold on, I may be able to afford
an Sm petrol cap lid or a DS hubcap, so my attention would be focussed more diverted towards
a nice Ami Super and a H van!!

Think I'd be a happy man then!! Think I could happily play with them all without glancing
sideways at what else is out there.

Sure. Being totally daft with a Lottery win, purchases would include the aforementioned
PLUS a GS Birotor and one of those twin rear axle silver Loadrunner Xm's to scare the bejeysus
out of everyone... biggrin.gif

Minijet, not the offending trailer i hope!?! I have to confess i didnt actually do the whole 'raid', i joined in the middle of the trip, as the whole journey would be a long way for me, so i started in the middle (just caught them coming through a village!) and went to the end at Tan Hill. Some fantastic scenery and roads up there, i really should venture there more often.

Id have noticed an Xm, so you must have passed them before i joined. That limo was very different, 8 doors and 4 rows of seats! With the standard engine and suspension. There were some very very nice examples there.

Ok my list, in no real order:

C6: Would be very near the top of my list of favourite cars at the moment, I love the looks and how it feels to drive. Its not perfect but its definitely got something.

Xm: I really don’t need to explain this one on here! Like the C6, its actually one of my favourite cars too. But it would be a top of the range 2.5TD hatch in great condition – for a daily driver, in either silver or Balmoral blue (this is more of a wish list!) but for a fun hobby car id like a V6 manual, im more of a S2 Xm fan though. Of course, my 2.0 Xm too!

Xantia Activa: Id love one, a pristine example that I could have as a hobby car. I love that it’s a very unknown car, but yet can out drive many new modern sporty cars, I can’t believe we sold ours, what an idiot!

Thats my top 3 ^

C4 Coupe: Ive been considering one as my next car to replace the Seat, love the looks and they drive tidily too. A very individual car, which stands out a bit amongst the look-alike euro boxes

ZX 2.0 Volcane: Ive always liked ZXs, I know they are a bit bland but ive a liking for those.

Xantia: Likewise I also like Xantias, ive already mentioned the Activa, which I must have at some point, but a S2 V6 also appeals, or a diesel as a daily.

CX S2 GTi Hatch: Purely madly designed car with so many nice touches, the rear screen, the wiper etc controls, a softer ride than the Xm too. A very futuristic classic!

Ds: I don’t have to explain that one!

2Cv: An icon, very fun car, huge following and an excellent hobby car. Preferably a mint condition two tone grey one.

I too would love an Xm loadrunner/hollander, it would go very well as a bigger brother to our C15!

Seems I mainly like Citroens from the 90s! Shows i was brought up on late 80 early 90s Citroens! Strangely no Bx on my list, good cars, but not a car i feel id like to own at some point, like the above cars.

Possibly some ive missed off there.

If a lottery win occured, the first thing id do would be to get a Citroen specialist to put together the 6H, as i can't see us ever getting around to it wacko.gif
Now Chris, you've (probably unintentionally) hit on something there!!

Hmmmmmmmm. A CX hatch!! cool.gif tongue.gif

Citroen always maintained, if you wanted to cart that much around, what you needed wasn't
one of these with a hatchback:

user posted image

but one of these:

user posted image

cool.gif biggrin.gif laugh.gif

Mind, there were one off saloon based hatchback conversions and I'd fancy one of these!!
Some were better and prettier than others; I'm damned if I can find a picture of a very nice
blue one at a Cx meet now.

Never cared much for hatchbacks, always bought estates - TV engineer.

I still have a hankering for a CX25 DTR Turbo 2. I have owned two non turbo's and a Turbo 1 in which I covered over 160,000 miles. It was the best car I had ever owned.

My only real desire is for a late silver 2.1 XM manual estate - sad isn't it.

Oh yes, totally slipped my mind, of course i mean a saloon! laugh.gif

A hatch would be great, did it look ok? The saloon bootlid adds to the madness of the CX though.

However Xms dont work as a Saloon, can't find a pictures but they really dont work look nice imo.

I should have added a Safari/Familiale into my list too.

An Xm saloon?

user posted image


user posted image

and weird sh!t: coupe:

user posted image

and restyled C5 inspired Xm:

user posted image


QUOTE (Peter.N. @ Jan 8 2009, 22:53 PM)
My only real desire is for a late silver 2.1 XM manual estate - sad isn't it.

Peter; you realise that your quest could actually be unobtainable if Citroen didn't import such a car! Have you tried contacting Cit UK or DVLA to see if their records show a rhd one actually exists! tongue.gif

Great photoshops Andrew cool.gif Not keen on the Xm saloon (real thing) as it looks odd, however the ones i have seen pictures of are Xm estates with a saloon boot, so have a longer rear overhang than the hatch.

I love the prestige!!! Why was that not made! i want one cool.gif rolleyes.gif Its not as if its something which can be made easily mellow.gif Citroen have missed a trick not making that.

Are those your Xms too?

Peter, thats a very reasonable desire, if one if made as Andrew says, if not you could make one out of a good silver body, would a 2.5 not interest you?

I am more interested in these cars than i am sporty cars. If i had a lottery win id not rush out and buy a few sports cars or super cars or whatever, id source my ideal fleet of Citroens first cool.gif and have them restored to new cool.gif
Have people who put the C4 on their "WANT" lists actually driven them? I get a C4 as a loaner when the C5 II goes in and it's more boring than a bowl of room temperature soup. Sans pneumatics it also rides like any other car in its class - a definite for my NOT WANT list.

Having now had two CXs I really see the appeal in that the ride gets closed to that of the Seraph and S-Class but they're far more of a 'needy classic' than the XM, C4, C6 and others, which are modern cars that you can use and abuse freely.

All I want is a diesel auto estate XM. Oh, and some S1 wheel trims smile.gif
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