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Hi all

After seeing these magnets that you clamp to the fuel lines ive been thinking getting one, for £4 surely its worth a go, has anyone else tried them? or would i be the guinea pig?

Hi Dean,

Yes ive tried them, not on the Xm though.

I got one for my Seat TDi, it had no effect on economy or performance, there is also one fitted to our C15 with no change either. Ive since removed the one from the Seat as it didnt do anything.

I too thought for a few pounds its worth a go, you could try one, but they havent worked for me yet. Infact i may dig mine out and stick it on the Xm, see how that goes!
well if you spend money on them i wont call you a guinea pig
is your van diesel too though Chris? if it is may be worth trying them on a petrol even though they say they can be used on both.
There is another manufacturer of these and they sell for the same price as the demonmag but they recomend fitting at least 2 and up to 5 sets on each car but they could be weaker magnets than the demon one, so i wonder how many you would need to make a difference.

Do you think it will actually MAKE a difference? rolleyes.gif
no,but its cheap.................... and it might biggrin.gif

Actually it is a diesel yes, so it may make a difference on the petrol. Ill give it a try, any idea where i fit it on the Xm dry.gif

Im not sure if it will do anything really, but its worth a try since i already have one.

Oh, and mine isnt a demon one, its a green and longer thing, it got good reviews on their ebay listing (reviews made up by the seller no doubt!) so i thought for £5 id try one, can't do any harm.

Its 'supposed' to give you a finer spray of petrol and keep the injectors etc cleaner, iirc.

The Demon one is like i thought they should be, to go right around the fuel lines. The one i have is bigger and it is a strong magnet but it only goes on the side of the fuel line. The one fitted to the van does go right around the fuel line, but still no change in MPG or performance.

Are you going to give one a go?

The magnets were tested (with various other fuel saving ideas) on tv a while back - can't remember what programme, but I don't think it was top gear.

They found the magnets made virtually no difference.

They got the best results by having the car serviced (plugs, filters, tyres, etc) and keeping it in tip top running cost a bit more than four quid though, so I'm not sure how much they really saved unsure.gif

I've just remembered that years ago I fitted clamp on magnets to my house water supply pipes, it was supposed to align the molecules or some such nonsense to prevent furring in hard water areas. The kettle still furred up. I suspect that this will have just as much effect.

Oh was that a fifthgear test? With a VW Polo?

They actually got worse MPG after all of their tests though, mainly down to getting it chipped!

Ive seen those water magnets, I did wonder if they worked so they dont then!

A similar thing is the bioflow magnets for people and animals, they work on some people (not me!) but not on others (me). We got one for our old cat, as she was very arthritic and very fragile, after a little while of wearing the bioflow collar she was improving, she could move around more and was generally more active. We now have them for our horses (boots not collars!) which they have on at night, no idea if they work or not though. dry.gif

Could be a gimmick regarding the fuel magnets or it may work, maybe on some cars or none at all. wink.gif
Do you not think that if these things actually worked, manufacturers would fit them as a matter of course? There are cases in the UK and the US where the authorities have taken these people to task, e.g.

The only scientifically provable fact here is that you will be wasting your money.
laugh.gif Interesting read ...

Maybe i wont bother trying mine on the Xm then! dry.gif
XM v6 sadist

Magnets work on polar magnetic molecules like iron ores. Hopefully you don't have any of them in your petrol or you will have more to worry about. Complete scientific BS. In fact as a PhD scienitist running a scientific company I absolutely hate this pseudo scientific rubbish.

If you are concerned about producing a finer spray of petrol/diesel I think that a new set of injectors would be the obvious way to go.


Magnets left on water pipes and fuel lines may just collect the odd few bits of ferrous metal swarf passing. In the case of car fuel lines my preference is to catch and dispose of that swarf slowly in a series of fuel filters over time rather than in one large system blocking amount when a set of useless magnets are finally removed.

Why are people so attracted to these devices and why do they cause so many polarised arguments? laugh.gif

Seriously, does it sound too good to be true? Then 97.56% of the time it usually is.
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