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Full Version Any Recommendations For Windscreen Wash?

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My cheep windscreen wash fluid froze the other night and burst a pipe on the headlight washers. Lets hope it just pushed off a connector when I look rather than splitting the pipe. I haven't had it liquid enough to use in the mornings for days, so I want to find some better quality stuff.

The fluid I use does not specify a diluted freezing point - just an undiluted freezing point of -19 degrees. It is clearly much higher when in a 50/50 mix.

What do other people use and has it stayed usable in the -5 and lower that we have had lately?

I don't really want to spend a fortune, but want something that will always work when I try to use it rather than being frozen in the pipes and tanks.

I may still use the current stuff in the summer as it is fairly cheep and often on 3 for 2 type offers.

Can anyone recommend anything?
Hi Rowanmoor

Ive been using holts screenwash, i put a (EDIT 1ltr) bottle of it in and then top up with water, does the job fine even clears the ice in the morning.

I always get the big bottles of halfords own screen wash, it does the job. Ive not had it freeze in the tank yet, but it sometimes freezes on the screen if its very cold, although i probably dont put enough in.

I only noticed recently how big the Xm washer tank is, its huge, and since you have headlamp washers you will have two. Ive never run the Xm out of fluid, it holds so much, i just keep on topping it up.
My solution - Move to New Zealand - Never had a problem with washer water freezing here.
I always get the big bottles of halfords own screen wash

Is that the lhm coloured screenwash? you dont want to forget you have put that in, or when your racing down the road and wash the screen you get a bit of a scare for a split second as a bright green fluid fires up in front of you biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


laugh.gif Yes thats the one!

Ive just been to top up two of the cars washers a few minutes ago actually, so i put in more than normal, should see me through the cold wink.gif
I think any screenwash is fine so long as its a strong enough concentration, i got on ok with the green stuff in fact i think its in the van at the moment and the jets have not frozen yet wink.gif

I use meths ! It dosent freeze but you do get a smell of meths in the cabin everytime you wash the screen. I use it in conjunction with an ordinary screenwash, and it has never frozen.
Here's a link to a test Autoexpress did some time ago -

The green halfrauds stuff is what I am using at the moment. A 50/50 mix and it has been freezing solid - not just in the narrow pipes/nozzles but when spilt over the ground as well. It is a great price when they have it on offer and seems to clean OK which is why I have used it. But if it is freezing then it isn't much good to me at this time of year.

What concentration do you guys use?

I get through it quite quick - partly cause I have the headlight washers using as much or more than the windscreen, and partly cos I commute on the motorway every day so have to clean the screen quite a bit (like every few minutes some days) when there is salt on the road.

I had spotted the AutoExpress link before. They seem to like the Halfrauds, but they do specify the extra concentrated rather than the 'normal' concentrate version.

Anyone tried that Sonax one they recommend?
Sorry I've only used Holts and such like but then I only do 10 miles a day on average. I've heard about some drivers adding neat meths to fortify screenwash but haven't tried it myself. Years ago I did put de-icer in the washer bottle but I was driving a MkII Cortina back then.

I did wonder about adding other things to prevent it freezing, but I don't want to find it ruins the paintwork. Not that you can see the paintwork at the moment - the car is closer to a dirty white colour than green. We need some rain to clean it and the roads off.

I went in to my local motor factors today to see what screen wash they sold. I asked and they said 'these small bottles you see here - we have sold out of the rest and are on backorder for more stock'. I don't think all the small bottles they had put together would have been enough to fill my 2 reservoirs when diluted to winter strengths.
I have found that Blue coloured screen wash can turn slimy so I use the dayglow green Halfords liquid. I put it in NEAT during the winter and add some water in the Spring when the risk of frost has gone.
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