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Full Version Ride Hight Selector Problem

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My 1994 Series II Ride height Selector has gone very stiff and is impossible to move to the lowest setting. Is there anything I can do to rectify this problem?
two causes i have come across.. the most obvious will be the trim panel by the selector lever. there is a black flexible strip which is supposed to slide with the lever but can get trapped. The whole square trim panel surrounding the gear lever just pops up v.easily to enable either removal or correctly fitting the black strip.

alternatively i have found underneath the car the rear selector rod, which is just a 5mm or so rod linking the in-car lever to the rear height corrector could get mistreated and bent. In my case it got bent when i lowered the rear subframe. Unfortunately it bent just where there is guide which adds friction and makes moving the lever stiff.
There is one reason I have come across. Rust. Clean up linkages underneath and smear lightly with grease.
Hi Cattledog.

Once you have it freed off, I suggest that at least once a week you move it through its full range. Should prevent further seizures.

If it hasn't been moved for sometime I would suggest as Gav, the roller shutter type trim fixed to the lever, sticking.
Hi Cattledog

Both the regular problem causes have been listed by Gav and Assich. If the resistance is over the whole operating range then go after the link rod stiffness under the car. If it just binds up tight before you can move the lever into high or low positions then one or both ends of the cover strip was not fed into its guide last time the gear lever cover was refitted. When missfed the strip bends double and jams in the slot preventing the lever reaching the end of its travel. With the cover lifted there will probably be no evidence of jamming, just check if free travel has returned with the cover lifted.


Dear Gav, Assich, onthecut, Peter N and xmexclusive,

Sorry for the very late reply. I finally got a chance to look at the problem. As suggested it was a combination of the plastic cover and lack of grease on the rods under the car. I've greased the rods and fixed the cover tracking problem and now have no problems with the lever. Will, as onthecut suggests make this a weekly test so that it does not happen again.

Thanks for all the input.


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