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Full Version Clunking From Left Front Corner

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Slightly ominous clunking is coming from left front corner when cornering slowly and sharply. I presume this is the CV getting ready to give up. How long do I have, and where would I get one without spending a fortune?
I'd say it's more likely to be the drop link or the lower wishbone bushes are shot
more than the CV joint or the lower ball joint. With the car suspension depressurised
and the wheel off the floor try grabbing the lower wishbone and giving it a tug!

I would go with the droplink too, or possibly the track rod end. CV joints tend to 'click' on lock but not straight ahead. Droplinks are about £15.00 from GSF and easy to fit.

Ok, but this IS on (or close to) lock, not straight on. I'll try Andrew's advice for checking the droplink asap.

By the way Andrew - I'm still relentlessly hunting a decent DTR CX estate, but never got a reply to my PM on the subject.....
Unfortunatly the drop links wont always show movement unless you disconnect one end, unless the wheels are at normal ride height, as soon as you jack it up it can settle on an unworn portion, if you can't get under it at normal height it is best to disconnect one end of the link, the slack will then become obvious.

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