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Hi all

Im sure i have asked about it somewhere before but i cant find the posting sooo, what do i need to fit the glass screen into the back of my xm?, i have just got one from a breakers in manchester, it comes whith the hinges but do i need a different trim panel at the back edge of the roof lining where it fixes on or does it screw in under the original? hope this makes sense.

Yep, there's a separate unique interior trim that has the two 'bumps' that run over the
hinge brackets as the original non rear screen trim will be totally flat. Guess you could
have it with the trim off and live with the innards of the roof being on display but the
real git is the captive nuts won't be in the slots in the roof panel! There's 4 to thread.

So even if you get the bolts with the rear inner screen they'll not have anything to thread
into! IIRC they're the type with a square nut that sits in a little cage that then has ears
bent around the metal thickness of the surrounding roof.

Do you think it would be possible to do with a little keyhole surgery? Its been a long while since ive seen one and ive never really given any attention to the mountings, could i make some cut outs in the standard trim till i can track down a replacement?
Problem is, the trim section you have across the width of the car is sitting flush onto the
roof and clipped into a series of elongated clips with no slack.

The strap of the rear screen hinge is quite thick and steps down off the roof a few mm
making it necessary to have the correct trim. You could cut a square exclusion zone
around the hinge area into the original trim but it'll never look right. Anyhow, unmolested
'flat' trim strips would probably be worth keeping spare rather than buchering.

I'll see if I can take some pictures for you to help paint a clearer picture!

Thanks Andrew that would be great, i will have to put a wanted out for the correct trim later.

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