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Hi All

Having had an argument with a VW Golf driver, I am left wondering if the Mk1 and Mk2 grills are interchangeable as either is difficult to get hold of, especially in the right colour - dark (Emerald) green.

I also need to change my rear disks & pads - any recommendations??



I am 99% on the grill not being the same as I do think the headlighs
are slightly different to each other

Have you had a look on E-pain sorry Ebay a lot of parts seem to be getting put on there at the moment

As for the pads I always get the genuine one seem to last longer for my money as all the Citroen genuine parts do

I find the Citreon parts sometimes a as cheap as the rubbish one you get at most car shops

Happy hunting
Hi Neil

I think that the physical fixing arrangements for Mk1 and Mk2 grills are the same. Only the appearence of the central air inlet is different. I have seen Mk2's fitted with Mk1 grills but have not fitted one myself. I think all Mk2 grills are the same but I seem to recall that the air vent in Mk1 grills is size to suit the particular engine and its air needs at maximum performance. Probably not a real concern as no one gets the chance to drive their XM continuously at maximum performance.

The grills are fairly easy to spray up. If you are anywhere near Hampshire then I have a selection of Mk1 grills (black, dark grey, silver sprayed blue) so you could have one to try. In the next week or so I will change a dark grey Mk2 grill because of a single glueable split under one headlamp.

Hope this helps


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