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Since doing my water pump and heater hoses the XM V6 doesn't seem to want to idle. Any tips on re-seting idle??
It would be too much of a coincidence that you have a component failure after working on
the engine. It suggests the idle is now wrong since your work on the head - the loom that
runs onto the bridging induction chamber across the two heads will need careful examination
as you'll have disturbed the lot to get underneath at the pipes and water pump. You've not
only got the injectors to worry about but the sensors on the head and the main butterfly on
the inlet.

Make sure the vaccuum pipe from the MAP sensor on the back of the engine bay is NOT disconnected or got a hole in it... if you've been lifting and lowering the engine to do the water pump, by means of removing the engine mount you could have disturbed that.. it can get quite brittle with the heat from the ole PRV V6's...

IDLE cannot be set or adjusted its all done on the ECU.. The map sensor also has a green plug going to it... you cant miss it, bolted to the back just RIGHT of the Air Con compressor on the cross memeber...

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