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Hi all

As you may read in another posting tonight, been away for a week and came back to check all's well with the XM finding a couple of niggles. One is the auto gear selector indicator on the dash failing: READ MY POST HERE

Second is the folding rear seat. I tried this on test drive and it worked fine so not sure what's up. The back rest folds down as it should but the seat base (squab?) won't budge. I'm pulling reasonably hard on the leather strap in the middle and you can feel and hear the latch releasing under the seat on the driver's side of the car but there's no movement at all on the passenger side. I stuck my fingers down in the gap where the strap and the buckles go and can feel something the strap's attached to but I can't figure out which way it needs to move. There's not a lot of room for fiddling with it anyway.

Can anyone suggest how to fix (or how hard to pull without fear of it snapping) or is there another way of releasing it? I'll have another go tomorrow when there's more light.

It's come at an annoying time as I need the boot at full length and as flat as possible for Monday.


Hi Kieth and All

Have had a look and to get in to the clamps that lock the back seat down looks to be virtually impossible. The clamps need to be pulled backwards to release so a hooked piece of stiff wire might work from the boot but be careful of the upholstery. Were the little lock rubbers fitted to the seat hinges? If not check to see if one of the seat hinges has slipped out of the retainer on the vertical bit of floor at the front of the seat. If this happens then the strap cannot pull the lock clamp far enough back to release from the hook. The seat straps have plastic ends that turn through 90 degrees to lock on a bar that works the lock clamp. One of these has not come loose as if it did the strap would pull out of the seat.

On the gear display mine has been intermittent since I had the car. Lack of use seems to make it worse so it might be worth using the car for a few days to see if it comes back before you pull the dash to bits.


Hi XMExc and everyone else

Been out in it again and dash display not working but will give it a week before trying anything drastic! You can still see it faintly but nothing else.

Right, I'm about to go out and have a go at the seat base again. I did just feel around those plastic covers and the one on the passenger side (the same side as the strap isn't working) is definitely more loose. In fact, you can get your fingers right around it and feel a cable (the heated rear seat wires?) just behind the shroud. The one on the driver's side is tight against the carpet.

Just to make things exceptionally clear, would it be possible for someone to upload a photo of the underside of the seat base, showing the mechanisms if they're visible?

Blimey! I've managed to fix the seat base!

Guess I shouldn't be shocked as it seemed a common sense job. I'll briefly go through the cure in case anyone else has similar:

I noticed that (as XMExc suggested) the hinge had come loose at one side (passenger). I shoved the seat base rearwards and held it there whilst pulling the release strap. Immediately the locks released and a little bit of jiggling the base in all directions finally released it so it tipped forwards.

To get the hinge re-attached, I lined up the hinge part of the seat with that the matching section on the car floor and gently pushed it back down to the normal seating position.

Pulled on the strap again to hear both sides of the locking mechanism disengage and then it tipped forwards as it should have done in the first place.

The only task I have to do now (when the rain stops) is to get the little rubber bung/cable tidy back in place - bit more fiddly as you rely on feel alone.

Just that gear selector issue now... wink.gif

Hi Kieth

Will take some photos in the next day or so and upload. If the seat hinge has slipped forward then try pushing the seat hard backwards and down while you try pulling the release strap. The seat base has two lock devices that that pull backwards when the strap is pulled. Each lock device has a short round bar held in a position across the car and these lock into two metal hooks fixed to the body work under the seat. The open ends of the hooks face towards the back of the car. I think that because one side of the seat has slipped forward the lock bar that side is not clearing the end of the hook. Yes the seat heater wires run up the inside of the seat hinge and there is normally a plug and socket so the seat can be removed completely. If you are anywhere near me in Hampshire then let me know if I can offer more practical help.


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