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Full Version Erroneous Low Coolant Warning On Cold Start

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The VSX has been giving a low coolant warning on starting in the cold since mid Nov, just occasionally to start with but most days recently. The first few times I stopped, popped the bonnet, checked coolant level, which was fine. Its obviously a false alarm and goes out almost immediately the car is moved. Nothing at all during the days driving.

Is this likely to be anything more serious than a faulty sensor?

Certainly an electrical fault of some sort. Mine flashes up a high temperature warning randomly, even when I have only just started it from cold! I just check the temperature gauge and ignore it.

I get a similar thing in the S2 Tim, sometimes when driving at night, I notice the STOP and low coolant level lights glowing faintly, even when just started from cold, I tend to just ignore it, but do check the level. Anytime its been properly low the warning comes on full and proper, so I haven't worried too much really.

You might find its a wee earthing fault somewhere, but where??? blink.gif

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