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Full Version Sticking Headlight Washers

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I have headlight washers that don't like going back down again (and hence syphon out all the water). Has anyone had much luck in lubricating them for a permanent fix?

I have tried silicon spray lubricant which makes no difference at all (even seemed to make them stick harder at one point). I have tried plumbers silicone grease with mixed results. It seems to help for a while. One side is now free and has stayed that way for a good while, but the other only seems to be at best a temporary fix - it sticks again after a few weeks (or even days).

Is there a better lubricant to use?

Has anyone had the washer unit apart to know what is inside? Is it likely to be a rubber O-Ring or something that needs replacement? Are there spaces inside that dirt/grit can collect and get trapped to need cleaning out?

I'm sure I don't have to replace the unit to get it working, but the lubrication I have been doing certainly isn't working.

At this time of year there is so much salt the headlights become non-transparent after a few days of motorway commuting so I could really do with both of them working and the bottle not emptying itself.

And no, HIDs aren't the answer - when you can't see any more than a dim glow through the glass on the full beams with 50% brighter Philips bulbs a HID is still not going to light up the road.
Hi rowanmoor, i can empathise with you dilemma.My EXCL gave the same problems and i tried a similar approach to yours - to no avail - only to see the offside one pinging off never to be seen again.The nearside one operated intermittantly and i replaced the actuator in this one and the complete actuator and nozzle assy in the offside one at mindboggling price from citroen, sorted and no problem for past 4 years.I can only assume that apart from road grime and grit,the plastic ages/workhardens or is affected by the screenwash additives.Hope you can find a cheaper solution!
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