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Hi, I have an 89" 2Li xm and its sprung a leak . I am i bit stuck on this one, it appears to be coming from the back or the Offside of the block . As far as I can tell the bottom hose seems fine and the coolant doesn't look as if its coming from the alloy inlet joby although I am not 100% on that one. Any help or suggestions as to where it could be coming from would be much appreciated.

Thanks Morgan
Hi Morgan,

Do you get coolant spraying around from a hard to track location around the inlet manifold / belt side of the engine?

I had a similar problem a while back (check out this thread), and it turned out to be just a leaky core plug...

If its from lower down it could be the water pump, perhaps spraying up inside the timing cover.

I think its worth having a good check of the alloy housing on the back of the block, they dont crack, but they can blow the gasket between the block and itself out causing a good dribble of coolant, the other favourite in that area is a pinhole or split on one of the hoses that connect to it, once you have checked these then its on to Ciarans suggestions.

Good luck, hope its cheap biggrin.gif
Thanks for your suggestions guys and for being so prompt. I will have a closer look today and keep you posted.
All sorted! It was the water pump in the end. 20 pounds later and a few skinned knuckles, 1 cam belt and 1 pump fitted. smile.gif
Glad to see you got it sorted, happy XMing biggrin.gif

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