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Hi All

How do you remove the plactic height control lever from its place??

Ive removed the roll pin, to release the spring, but cant get the rest of the housing off the metal assey....



IIRC correctly it's pinned onto the brass lever bar.

I had the plastic 1" snap clean off when I tried adjusting the height on an Xm and the only
clear way was to the full replacement of the height adjustment mechanism by undoing the
single 8mm bolt that attaches the mechanism onto the pivot bar that runs through the
transmission tunnel. Don't lose the spring or the small toothed gear cog!!

You'll need to tackle this from the driver's footwell with the side tunnel covering removed.
Crazy thing, until the point I bust one of these it wasn't an item I'd made an effort to keep
off a scrapper - it's usually the really obscure things that break and stop you using the car
properly isn't it! And these are the things nobody else has a spare of either... rolleyes.gif

Thank you Andrew, Ill look at that tomorrow, the trim is already gutted from the ole girl.. just need this out to fix another.. thats all..

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