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ebay item number: 320321001524

because I have a massive blind spot with s2's, was wondering which autobox this would
have fitted as I'm guessing it'll all be ALL new to the 90 degree earlier setup!?!?

Is the 'box the same unit as the s1's or a totally different one being the brain/
autoadaptive box? Are these the engine/box seen in Xantiae and Pug 406's?

From writing my Reader's Rides update Chris mentioned I had almost every version and
this was the only one that crossed my mind as something I'd still fancy...tongue.gif cool.gif rolleyes.gif blink.gif ph34r.gif

XM v6 sadist
Hi Andrew

This engine / gearbox is the later 24v engine / auto-adaptive gearbox as fitted to the Xantia - exactly the same. I'm not sure whether it's the same as the Pug box/engine.

I had my gearbox changed at 80K miles on my '00 24v when the gearbox went (no drive). This was a gearbox recon and an engine out job. All in with belts and a few other things done when the engine was out - it was around £2500. This was half what some garages wanted. The gearbox recon cost around £1400 on it's own.

For a 133K 24v you would really need to want it or already have a gearbox / engine waiting.


Well, I'm not afraid of the spannering having cut my teeth on all versions of GS/CX
and seen enough of many Xm's so sourcing the replacement gearbox is really the
only real hassle I envisage.

There was even a MANUAL 60degree v6 Pug 406 box on ebay the other day with no
bids for small money and plenty of 406 coupes being broken...

And I've got a big empty trailer at the moment...

Most interesting vehicle. Would like to see some pictures. The engine is a 3 cc displacement. Specs I haven't seen before unsure.gif wacko.gif blink.gif
Happy bidding tongue.gif
P.S. How can it run without a drive from the gearbox? Pushing or pulling it sad.gif
XM v6 sadist
Hi Andrew

Well a manual 24v S2 would certainly be a very interesting car. I think that they did some in Europe but never RHD. It would be a seriously quick car.

Good luck. I wish I had the time / spannering experience to do something similar.


Well, the engine's going to have to come out anyhow if the box is dead - I don't think there's
any virtue in trying to drop an autobox out under the wheelarch!! Handy if a low miles manual
gearbox could be plugged back in and I've seen a second hand 'conversion kit' for these


I like the price! laugh.gif

A Pug V6 manual is a straight fit, is it not? Maybe with a bit of wrok, but ive seen it done with a V6 xantia.

A manual V6 would be very nice, how difficult would it be to turn an auto car into a manual though? With the controls etc.

Edit, i see this is my fault laugh.gif , ah well, you can never have enough cars dry.gif
Hi Andrew

All the series 2 manual V6 XM's were mated to the earlier 90 degree engine. They had the same hydraulic clutch drive that Citroen fitted to the 2.5TD XM but the box outercasing was slightly different and so were the springs in the clutch plate. Do not assume that PUG bits will fit up without some checking. Derek got a spare PUG V6 and autobox the other day out of interest and could no doubt check some things out for you.

The Pug autobox is the same 4HP20 adaptive box as in the XM. The pre-2001 Pug V6 is also the same but post 2001 the engine has variable inlet valve timing and one or two other changes, it also needs a different ECU.

Would you rather have this, or Peter's CX?

Just curious. I think I know the answer, though.
I imagine Andrew has a few TRS CXs of his own anyway laugh.gif
QUOTE (Citroenmad @ Nov 28 2008, 17:11 PM)
I imagine Andrew has a few TRS CXs of his own anyway  laugh.gif

Yep, not as nice as the TRS being offered for sale. I think I'd err towards the sorry for itself V6 Xm
as I'd love to get it back on it's feet again and would be quite excited to put a manual in it! If the nice
Cx was a petrol GTi Turbo (1 or 2) there'd bew no contest and the Cx would be sitting here NOW!!

Don't get me wrong, I do like the Xm's and especially the v6's - at one point I had 5... rolleyes.gif
I've found the secret is to have a manual !! laugh.gif laugh.gif

I may be a tight git but it's now more than I want to bid taking into account trailering
the damned thing across the country which will cost me all in upwards of £400 before
topping the current bid which in the end will leave me with a rare car that sadly can't
be used until it's had a fair bit of spannering, so go ahead guys!!! Plenty of time left.

Watch, he's swapped the rims onto bald tyres which still are Exclusive rims and it's
unlicenced to get a good receipt.

Also check out:

I fancied making it a manual, but then I realised I've got a pukka s1 24v which uses
CHAINS for it's timing not big elastic bands!

I'd rather spend £255 on this

blasphemy I know, but what the heck!

Wow, doubled in the last 10 minutes!! Anyone here?
Here's hoping it's for the car not just the engine.

The engine's seem to turn up on ebay for 300 all in including a manual or auto gearbox.
Out of interest, what's a good fully working one of these worth? £1500 or more?

I CAN see the point of doing this repair but it'd only be for personal benefit as the car
is showing 130+k miles.

Bidder 7 is a dealer/garage and bidder 6 is a newbie; fatal combination!

I can't help feeling there'd be less money being burned if they'd both left their intentions
to the dying seconds of the bidding rather than slug it out with an hour and a half to go like
punch drunk heavyweight boxers. Bet the seller is chuffed to bits; I had the car valued at
around £350 in it's undriveable predicament with a £300 autobox or manual conversion.

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