Hello all
I am back!!!!!!!I knew the old girl wouldn't let me down..............2000 miles this week and no problems.Everything that was working when I left is still working!!!But nothing that wasn't working before I left has started to work again!
Amazingly it used no oil or water at all and the engine temperature is steady at around 70 degrees on the flat.It goes up to about 90 when stationary(Periphique) but no higher.
Perhaps it is the cheap(er) French diesel that is the trick(68p/litre)!Despite not bothering to put my beam deflectors on I didn't get flashed once-so presumably they weren't dazzled by my super duper Osram bulbs!!?
Good news Peter I spotted 2 Estates whilst over there....unfortunately one was registered in Holland.I don't know what models they were though.To put this into perspective I spotted 1 Ferrari on the trip!I have 100 litres of cheap(er) diesel to use before the end of the month when the tax runs out and it is time to MOT it again...fingers crossed.It idled fine and started reasonably well-at least at the second attempt(must be glow plugs?).The garage replaced a seal on the pump so its worth bearing mind if a Bosch specialist has just quoted you £1K to rebuild yours(they didn't even charge me for it so it must be fairly simple to do).
Regards Rob