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Hi All

Was not sure where to put this but as it is a general issue I guess here will do as well as anywhere specific.

I have been looking out for replacement belts for my XM's and trying to compare/identify those on ebay. Have had a bit of success with aquiring timing belts but these were Citroen originals identified under Citroens unique part numbering system. Auxilliary belts were more of a minefield. I started to try and compare Aftermarket numbers and belt specs with the Citroen ones and immediately found problems. As an example the 2.5 has two different types of water pump each using a different belt. Early ones are Citroen 1280 28 (K4-LE946) with Aftermarket 4PK950 & QBR4950. Later ones are Citroen 1280 41 (K3-LE946) with Aftermarket 3PK938 & QBR3938. The water pump change just seems to be the later pulley is one belt strip narrower. The really interesting bit here is the belt length as both types of Citroen belt are 938mm long while the Aftermarket is the nearest standard length 4mm longer for the early pumps and 8mm shorter for the later pumps.

I am beginning to wonder if one of the reasons why some XM's have regular Aux belt/tensioner problems is down to the use of Aftermarket belts that are slightly different in length to the original Citroen spec. Anyone been here before?

Hi John

I have renewed the multi rib belts and tensioners on my current XM 2.1TD and on my departed ZX 1.9TD on several occasions . The belt tensioner arrangement was exactly the same on both engines, unsurprisingly, and both are/were non a/c.

For my XM, Citroen Service specifies either a K6-LE1102 or a K6-1100 belt. I have found that the specified nominal belt length of 1102 or 1100mm is critical. There does seem to be a wide tolerance on the nominal length of some aftermarket belts which makes them unusable. Slightly too short and it is impossible (without using brute force) to get it over the pulleys (crank + alternator + HP pump + idler) even with the tensioner slackened right off. Slightly too long and the new belt goes go on fairly easily but you then find that the tensioner has insufficient travel to take up the slack.

I have tried removing the tensioner, fitting the new belt and then refitting the tensioner but I find I run out of hands to hold everything in place whilst getting the first Allen screw back in!

The last belt I fitted was a Goodyear KP6-1100 belt (from eBay) and I ended up elongating the tensioner backplate slots in order to facilitate fitting it.

Regarding the tensioner / idler I have never had one fail completely because they usually announce potential failure by becoming extremely noisy, presumably because the sealed bearing lubrication has failed.

I have had the belt shred itself ( probably due to old age (the belt's not mine) and the only time, touch wood, the XM has nearly left me stranded). On investigating we found that the alternator pulley and nut had come loose. Fortunately I was carrying my toolbox and together with a very helpful nearby motor factor we fixed it.

Picture of 2.1TD tensioner is attached.

Sadly, it all goes to hell when you chuck an AC compressor into the mix...
...then there's the small strut and another daft idler pulley to worry about! sad.gif

Of course there's even less room as a blinkin' big compressor and attendant
pipes is in the way too!

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