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Full Version Cooling Fan Control?

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How are the cooling fans controled on a 2.0 petrol turbo model?

There doesnt seem to be a thermo-switch anywhere (usually in the radiator or thermostat housing,

I've removed the complete fan loom and it doesnt seem to have any sensors to make them work

My car is getting rather hot so I need to figure it out!


I have been to France this summer with our XM V6 -91 and it was running a little hot on the freway in 120km/h when it was 35 centigrades outside. The problem was a faulty relay holder and a faulty thermostat. I have in the process of figuring this out found that the fans run almost all the time in 110 km/h which I dont think it should.
Your problem is almost certainly a result of a relay not functioning. Check (remove, clean contacts and check, or substitute with a known good/new one). If I remember correctly they are situated under the front upper cross-pressing, above/inboard of the headlamps and are black boxes about 20mm square. My 2.1 deisel sometimes overheated in traffic. I used to open the bonnet, jump out of the car and give the relays a thump or wiggle and the fans would immediately start up.
Hope this solves the problem.
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