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Does anyone have a link to an online Workshop Manual for 1992 XM V6?? Thanks - Graeme
Some links with downloadable PDF:s:
Parts list:
Parts list at another place:
And a few useful pages:
The Haynes book, but that doesn´t cover the V6:
Any real workshop manual have I not found though.
- Good luck!
Hi Graeme, take alook at have manuals for most xm powerplants, including V6, free access and download.
Thanks Robert but this does not want to open for me
Try dropping the /xm
Dropping it?
Does that really help?
From what height??!?

QUOTE (Paberg @ Nov 23 2008, 20:31 PM)

seems to start at '95 models, nothing prior.
Thanks Robert - That worked but it appears to only cover later models - Mine is 5719 Series 1 - Graeme
Hi Graeme, i know nothing of the v6's but as i previously posted " " has both the xm1 & xm2 manuals and wiring schematics,plus a host of tech notes and service bulletins.It's straight forward to register and then you can download.Note though, the xm1 manual is in swedish, but file1 has the info on all engine types fitted to the phase 1 xm.This engine was a joint collaboration between PSA/RENAULT/VOLVO and some 900,000 units were manufactured, as such you may find another route to what you seek.Good luck.
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