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Hi all,

My car stinks blink.gif the boot carpet and soundproofing are soaked. I used to have this problem on my old saloon but this is on my estate. The seal looks to be in good condition so anyone any ideas or do I have to coax my wife out into the snow with the hosepipe whilst I sit in the boot trying to find the leak sad.gif

Cheers, Colin.P
Hi Colin, not an expert on this especially with estates, but had similar problem with the rear light seals on a 406. I also seem to remember a recent thread addressing this very subject (Ciaran?) with some good advice.
Water runs down trough round tailgate and straight into leaky rear light gaskets equals instant paddling pool.
If you know a friendly bodyshop or windscreen specialist they might have a leak detector which I believe traces them ultrasonically. Might save your wife from the cold.

I'm sure someone more qualified in this field will be along soon with more, good luck.

Cheers Rodders, That'll give me somewhere to start then biggrin.gif

Best wishes Colin.P
Hi Colin

Take the side panels off and then both carpets out to dry them. The bottom thick foam one will be holding a lot of water and will never dry in the car. You can now dry the metal work with a cloth. Then if you have a sun roof check that the two rear drain tubes are still fixed into the rear of the wheel arch as these are known to get displaced and leak. Then examine the pipe work for the rear screen washer. It runs through the passenger side of the roof of the car down to right behind the tail-light in the rear wing. Here you will find a loop of rubber pipe with a non-return valve (known to split apart). It then goes back up on itself to the tailgate hinge and on round the side of the tailgate window to the wiper. There are a few joints in this run but leakage anywhere from this supply ought to be self evident because the car side trim panel or tailgate trim panel will be very wet. Next easiest check is that back edge of the rear seat foam is not also sodden with water. Unusual fault this one but very occasionally water is coming up through holes with missing plugs in the rear footwell and then gets sucked up through the foam eventually reaching the boot carpet underlay. Feel the rear footwells for wet carpets as well. Now you should be down to the water comming in either from the rear lights not sealing properly to the rear wings or it comming through holes in the floor of the boot. Towing socket wiring holes are a regular one for this but missing rubber plugs in chassis holes or heaven forbid rust holes are not unknown causes. At least with the boot area down to painted metal while the carpet dries you should easily see the re-emegence of any water from normal driving and from its position track down its source of entry.

Thanks John for your excellent reply, I'll be getting the car in the toolroom later today or tomorrow as it's perishin' outside, I can then work my way through the list AND see to my diesel pump at the same time in the warm laugh.gif

Best wishes, Colin.P
It may be that there is a collection of rubbish in the guttering/channel visible with the tailgate open - especially if you have been parked under trees. I get it every Autumn
Cheers Brian but I keep it spotless - much to my wife's chagrin "bloody car gets more attention than me" tongue.gif

Best wishes, Colin.P
Hi Gents, I had a good poke around today, all grommets are in place, the drain tubes, rear lights and the rear wash supply can all be crossed off the suspect list but it was very wet under the plastic trim on the floor immediatly in front of the boot seal. I removed the seal at this point and found that the join between both ends of the seal had split slightly. I've treated it to a dose of slilicone sealer for now to see how it goes, the water must have been seeping in under the carpet for ages before the stink alerted me to the problem. Hope this sorts it but if not you'll be the first to find out tongue.gif

Thanks to all, Colin.P
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