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Full Version 24v Handbrake/caliper Mot Problems

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The 24v is managing to drag out the pain of achieving a new MOT with 12% blink.gif efficiency on the nearside front. The foot operated brakes are fine and the problem is just localised to the handbrake. I've checked the lever action of the operating arm onto the piston and it's moving well and returns to the 'off position' without any drag and there's NO binding. I checked the operation onto both actuating arms of both calipers as the handbrake was applied by putting the car on ramps and whilst there also checked all the cables.

If there was damage or stretch on the cables there wouldn't be the balance of movement and lever movement that I see on both calipers and to be fair they seem a mirror to one another.

Can the caliper internal lever action on the piston be locked off even with the operating arm moving freely and correctly. It's well packed with fresh grease and sealed securely?

And how on earth do you change 24v cables!!?
Remove the left cat? The heat shield won't move enough by just undoing it. sad.gif



Aparently there's a shortage of handbrake cable supply for GSF (you couldn't make this up... rolleyes.gif

I now recall a comment of lazy caliper arms on a Xantia (though could be something I read here)
where the remedy is firm continued application of the handbrake for a while which get's the
mechanism adjusted properly. I've now done this and several firm stabs of the footbrake and all
is well now with the handbrake checking out OK this evening at the MOT place. Shame I got my
dates wrong to get the free retest mind - one of the downsides of being scatterbrained... blink.gif

I REALLY don't fancy renewing the cables the day that job finds me; seemingly zero space with the
cats in situ and they haven't been touched since Elvis was a lad! Ok - bit of an exaggeration but I've
rarely seen worse...

Very expensive new and even ebayed from Glasgow Citroen Services at 250quid a pop
(and there's x2 sad.gif godammit).
Are you sure the brake pad with the raised parts on the back was put to the piston side of the caliper and the piston aligned properly when the brakes were done. If not the auto handbrake adjustment won't work and thus poor handbrake performance.
Hi Andrew

Which type of front caliper are we talking about here. There are three types all different. I know it will not be early 89/91 type but it could be the general type (91 on) or the special for high performance XM's fitted to V6's and 2.5's from 97ish.

Most of the posts here are in respect of the 91 on type as most of my cars are.
I recently aquired some spare XM front pads to suit these calipers. They came from a couple of sources. One lot were aftermarket, the rest Citroen original. There was a difference as the Citroen ones had pips on ALL the pads so they will get modified before I use them as good while ago I had parking brake auto adjust failure problems because the unwanted pip kept fouling the caliper frame.

The other thing is that i seem to remember that the 24v XM has at least one special non standard parking brake cable.

Andmcit, the brake cables are available on ebay from surplus dealers. If you search under XM brake cable you will find a selection. I bought some a year ago from a seller called "andyspares " or similar which were cheaper and good quality.


ps: by the way you are right about setting the auto clearance , parking brake on firm and a few pumps of the footbrake with engine running.
The cables problem isn't so much getting hold of new cables, but getting access to have
them removed/fitted in very challenging space... mad.gif dry.gif sad.gif

I'll check what pins are on the backs of the pads asap.

Ah the joys (speaking for myself) of having a 1990 model...... I CAN take my cats off and leave them off tongue.gif rolleyes.gif

And thats what I intend dooing when they finally fall off....

Id never thought of the handbrake cables with TWO cats squeezed in there.. The obvious line is: Remove the Front section of exhaust first, then remove the heat shield...

But of course a 16 year old car would never let go of the bolts holding the exhaust that easyily...

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