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Thanks to everybody who helped with the CV Joint. I have another question (as you can tell we are new XM owners). Our speedo cable has snapped. We contacted German & Swedish who said that as long as it was before 1993 they could supply it. OUrs is registered in 1992 so we bought it, but after taking the dash etc to pieces to fit the new one we found it was completely different. Our number is 5702.

Any advice please?

anybody able to advise about this pls?
I've worked on the pre 93 variety a while back which I'm sure is a match to yours Caroline.

Does the cable you have from GSF look like it's of sufficient length to run from the
passenger side (middle point of the glovebox) to the back of the instruments?

There are two sections of speedo cable - one that runs from the engine bay side of the
bulkhead through and to the back of the speedometer head/instruments and it will be
approx 4' long OTA. The other much shorter one runs from a joint that can be unthreaded
just off the bulkhead in the engine bay around the LHM reservoir and this runs down to
the gearbox drive run off the differential of the gearbox; this will be about 18".

The likely failure is usually the cable that comes into the car and it's hidden behind the
glovebox which by the sounds of things is what you've been attempting to remove.
Basically there's a 1" diameter round black rubber 'ball' that grips and seals the bulkhead
and this must be pulled through into the inside of the car.

The knack to threading the new cable through is to tie a length of string to the end of
the instrument cluster end of the OLD cable which can then be used to draw the new
cable through the dashboard from the glovebox on refitting.

Hope some (or better still all) of this makes sense! blink.gif
Sounds hard work and more confusing than it actually is! Honest...

Check out what you've been sold and of course which section is broken/required!!

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