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sad.gif I bought my XM earlier this year - a 1989 XMSI.
Unfortunately, I had to go away for around 4 months, and since returning haven't been able to get it started.
It turns over, but will not fire.
The former owner came to try, but had no luck (He had never left it standing so long without starting).
My local garage owner also tried, though he is not a Citroen specialist.

I have a Citroen garage in the area, but now realise without the engine running I can't raise it for towing or to get it on a trailer, (it won't even clear the slight bump out of my drive).

Please, any advice on why it wiil not fire?
sad.gif "Maiden-in-distress" - Sharon.
Is it petrol or diesel?
'89 Si - sounds like a 2.0i Petrol to me...

Does it have a keycode thingy?

Did you ever use it, and if not do you know the code? (They have a habit of re-engaging if they get lonely!)

Just my thoughts, let me know if any use
Cheers unsure.gif
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