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Hi Folks

I found this link
it says ATF for 4HP18 is Dexron III, but mine is somethng green, not red, what tells its not right, any comments?

David Hallworth
If you have green fluid in an Autobox, be worried, very worried.

As far as I am aware all autobox fluid is red, I'm sure someone can confirm this though.

I'd get it changed ASAP personally.


I'd second that - what fluid is green apart from LHM? Antifreeze? Brake fluid...?

Hi cmacedo

Most autoboxes do not drain fully leaving about a third of the old fluid still in there. The retained fluid will mostly be in the oilways and working parts of the box where it can do the most damage. It might well be worth you using the first change as just a flushing through of the box and do a further change after 50km or so. This should be just enough running to clean out and pump the new oil into all the oilways.
It is just possible that some oil colours are made different colours for commercial reasons in your part of the world but this does need to be checked out. Also look on our site for Dextron2/Dextron3 useage in XM autoboxes because they are formulated as different oils and I though that Dextron2 was the recommended one for the 4HP18 box.
That said flushing and refilling with either autobox oil has to be better than continuing with some unknown fluid in the box.

Trust me, the correct oil for the 4HP18 box is Dex2; never, never, never Dex3.

The late AlanS was something of an expert on this and he wrote reams on the subject, it was his considered opinion that the majority of failures of the 4HP18 were caused by using Dex3.


Hi cmacedo,welcome to the confusing issue of atf! This subject has been exstensively discussed on this forum and the details are in the site.Your upload lubricants list is a US listing, and not the european listing you will find on this site which is also a current listing dated july 2008.You will also find details of my personal findings after catastrophic failure of my 4HP18Q.My box also had a GREEN atf originally from factory fit, so i presume this was a citroen spec fluid - it was definitely NOT lhm.However my communication with ZF inferred neither dex2 nor dex3 were the correct spec for this box and that only specs to TE-ML-11A or B should be used regardless whether dex2/3 is in fact on the container, check this listing.I have been using MOBIL AT-220 since being unable to obtain reliably TOTAL FLUIDE 42.The handbook recommends TOTAL ATX which i have now found an outlet for but am happy to stay with the MOBIL and change at 5/6000 mile intervals.Over the past year the fluid drain before refill has been almost the same clarity and colour as the fresh performance has been exemplary.By the way a drain while hot measures 3.3 litres (expansion of the fluid) and refill is 3.0 litres(ambient temp).DO NOT OVERFILL.I wish you luck!
Thanks for the "confusing issue" topic.
I wrote to Mobil asking the wright staff for XM 95 auto 4HP18, follows the answer:

Bom (good): Mobil ATF 220
Muito Bom (very good): Mobil ATF 320
Melhor(best): Mobil 1 SYNTHETIC ATF
Central de Suporte T├ęcnico - Fax: 001-262-313-2316
Brasil: (Esso) 0-800-644.7991 (Mobil) 0-800-644.1562

Even with such answer, I doubt mixing mineral and syntetic is something good!!!
I own a Cherokee Sport 6 inline, autobox and change 3 liters every 10k km, the color of the ATF as said Robert don't change much from the fresh one.


Hi again Caique, a further word of warning from my communication with Hrn Vogel at ZF,Friedrichshafen, DO NOT USE synthetic based atf's, they are not compatable with the internal seal material, as the"Q" designation indicates a front wheel unit, hence 4hp18q, the fpl in your cherokee is a different application and therefore has subtle internal differences, which may include seal type and the reason why zf america spec dex3.
Alan S is watching you from above!

I have a 250 000km old gearbox in my V6 XM and it runs Dex 2. It did for a while run D3 before Alan and others set me and many other aussies straight. The difference in the box's actions after changing back to D2 over three changes over 3 weeks was amazing. No thumping, just smooth slurred gearchanges.

I change 3 litres approx every second engine oil change.

As others have said, NEVER Dex 3 and synthetics are best avoided unless the seals in the box are rated compatible with synthetics.
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