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Hi All,

I would love to see the contents of the self- help files but all my attempts at downloading them have resulted in failure. On clicking on the subject item I get a pregnant pause, the site reference appears in the address line, a cryptic "done" appears at bottom left of the page but there's just an empty page. I'm using Mozilla Firefox as my browser. Sorry to hit you with a non technical and non XM specific problem, but what am I doing wrong?

Cheers, Derek.
Hi Derek and All

I have hit the same problem with the same screen display but in my case only with one of the self help files. I had assumed that it was due to having a very early version of Adobe Reader (V5.0) on the machine connected to the internet with the file produced on a later version. Otherwise it may be that the laptop machine I am using has too little memory. Thoughts from the IT literate among us would be gratefully appreciated.


Hi guys,

I too ran in to the same problem when someone told me about this before. I tried downloading the very file I had just uploaded and got nothing. I got the same symptoms as you when I left-clicked on the pdf. I also tried to use the right-click and select 'Save Target As...' I got a pdf OK but its size was zero bytes.

As an experiment I tried switching off my firewall (Norton Internet Security 2003) for just enough time to do the download and it worked a treat. Now I'm no IT expert so I cant tell you why. I haven't even found out where the setting is which prevents it. I just know how to get around it. Not a very satisfactory answer I know but a 'workaround' as our friends across the pond like to call it.

If anyone else uses Norton Internet Security out there and knows where the setting is I'd be much obliged. Having said that I can download other pdf's from elsewhere without a problem. Why its a problem here is anyone's guess.


noz cool.gif
Just me
Hi Guy`s

Just tryed the pdf files it tok for ever but it did work fine for me !!
I use firewall just the same so it might be your settings are to high on the firewall ???
You could just turn it off until downloaded !!
It is a big file to load up so make sure you wait and keep watching the download meter at the bottom of your page
Hope this helps
Bye for now
I`ll be back
Hi Guys, thank you all for your replies. In the evenings I work on a laptop which accesses the internet through a wireless connection to a desktop computer in my study.
Following your advice regarding firewalls I disabled the McAfee and Windows firewalls on the laptop and tried to download the pdf files again - result, failure.

I then tried to download directly onto the desktop computer - result, success!


Cheers All,
Hi Derek W

Thanks for the update reporting your success with the PDF's. I will try using a machine other than a laptop.


Hello all you lot out there ,Just read the post about there being 200 members ,i did not imagine there could be that many XM cars about .
Anyway after seeing all the efforts people have been putting into the forum i thought maybe i might put a little back myself.
I have just been reading about some of the problems about downloading p.d.f.files .
I so far have had no problems in this respect so i thought maybe if you wish i can send out cds with files on to allow you to run them on your setup (hopefully) perhaps in return for a blank cd and cost of postage see what you feel anyway .
Best regards Bob.
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