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Hi All

Anyone know of a reliable source of information on the full range of XM's produced.
I am particularly interested to know if a 2.5 TD was ever produced with an Auto Box. I saw one advertised a few years ago in Auto Trader but assumed that it was an error at the time and did not follow it up.

My current interest is because I have been driving the 3.0 V6 Auto and it goes as well as a 2.5 but is easier to drive. I have a clutch to do on one of the 2.5's and I did just wonder about putting an Auto Box in instead.

I am aware that the easy option is to get a 2.1 TD Auto but I had one of those a couple of years ago while I had a bad back and needed to avoid using the clutch pedal. I was not over impressed with the performance, it was a very sedate year and I noticed a dramatic difference when I returned to the 2.5's.


Hi XMExc

I have had similar thoughts, as I own a 2.1 Auto and a 2.5 Manual. It occurred to me that a V6 Auto-adaptive box would suit a 2.5 down to the ground. Presumably the problem though is the torque?

Keep me posted...
Hi Chadders

I think the problems for a 2.5 Automatic come under 3 headings:

1. Is there an XM auto box that will physically fit to a 2.5 TD engine and will the combined lump fit in the engine compartment.

2. Does the 2.5 ECU contain the routines to operate an auto box or does the ECU need to be reprogrammed. In the latter case it may be virtually impossible to get insurance.

3. Your point, will the torque overstress the auto box. On this my gut feeling is that 2.0 Auto boxes typically manage between 120k and 160k miles
2.1 TD Auto boxes manage between 100k and 150k miles
3.0 Auto boxes manage 70k and 120k miles
so a 2.5 with a second hand auto box might just be good for 25k to 50k miles, or it might go bang the first time you put your foot down.

There are real merits here in not being first to try it, hence my general question to see if anyone knew if Citroen had actually produced some production cars.


just had a look at the citroen brochure nope the 2.5 was NEVER done with the auto box this info has come from a 1999 brochure.
i must have been lucky then 2.0ltr auto box 160k miles my 2.0ltr turbo auto had just under 200k on the clock auto box was still working before i killed the head.

yours Craig
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