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Hi All.
I have recently bought a 1991 V6 XM (12 valve series 1)

Looks to be in near new condition, with everything working except the aircon.
has travelled 165000 kms, and has had the auto reconditioned.
I have topped up the fuel tank twice and find it is using about 15 litres per 100 kms.
This is twice as much as my ZX1.9i or my BX16RS use and I feel it is excessive!!
Where do I start looking to improve this consumption?
Can I check out the different sensors, and if so, how?
Does anybody know of any sites where I can find the necessary information?
On these figures it is costing me $NZ1 for 5kms so I must do something about it!!
TIA, Ernie sad.gif mad.gif biggrin.gif
Hi Horrrid,
I had past year such an experience with my V6/24v Y4 1998.
I had a consumption of 15l/100km at constant 100km/h speed. It was the Lambda sensor, after replacing my fuel consumption is(bordcomputer) :at 90km/h 6à7l
at 120km/h 8à9l/100km
Mine is 8L/100km@100km/h and 10L/100km@110km/h avg.

15lt is way too much, as if u were racing it all the time.

Along with the L-sensor, it could also be the MAP sensor's rubber pipe (from engine to sensor), it might be cracked. If not that, could also be the MAP sensor itself. I see u have another XM, maybe worthwhile to swap MAP sensors and see.

Otherwise, u should do a read of the engine ecu for fault codes.

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