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QUOTE (Peter.N. @ Feb 7 2009, 10:54 AM)
Underneath the front suspension mounts is the safest place. I use a short length of angle iron between the jack and jacking point to spread the weight.

Tell that the 16-year old lad sad.gif
my 89 vsx 2.1td still carries original michelin pilots vr rated they are aproaching the limit with about 2mm to go so i am preparing to find a new set.......after trawling the net it is still possible to get them but at a cost of £96.00 each . and they are showing no signs of perishing. mr savoy has the car for repairs at the i,m stuck with a p reg 2L petrol estate. god i want my baby back its a totaly diferent experience from mine to this. nice car but short on creature comforts i,m used to in mine.
come to think of it i remember last year going through a tiny lane not much wider than the car near hereford on the way to bromyard in the middle of the night. i was happily tootling along in the dark (and i mean dark) when i hit a right angle bend to the right. s**t myself wasnt the word (didnt have time to do that even!!?) my fault for loseing concentration. i also had a fridge freezer in the back with the seats folded down and tailgate ajar. by the way very interesting note coming from exhaust through a slightly open tailgate on a turbo diesel.......turbo can only be heard like this. anyways this bend proved to me exactly what the xm on those tyres can do when asked. it hooked around the bend in its own width an came out the other side very very fast with no loss of control slight protest from the tyres but otherwise no loss of handling. it was instant handling...i swear in any other car it would have been parked in the front lounge of the cottage on the corner. ever since then i would much prefer to find these exact tyres again because i would trust them and my car with our lives. never again do i want to experience that fright. i had to stop the car a bit further up the road and get out it was that much of a near death experience i want never ever to go through again..mind you the xm is that strong it probably would have gone right through the cottage and they would have had a new fridge/freezer.
Its heard a lot of times how people believe their Citroen has saved them from a crash, they are pretty impressive.

It does also go to show, how invaluable good tyres are.

Ah, thats the estate savoy has for sale then? How it is, its very cheap!

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