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Has anyone got any advice on the electric speedo fitted to the series two 2.0 turbo RHD manual? Mine keeps stopping for no apparant reason and then a few minutes later reappearing. It also stops the trip computer because as you continue to drive the displayed mpg gets worse and worse. I'm sure its a dodgy connection somewhere but can't find it. At one time I thought it was one of the underbonnet fuses but I'm not convinced now and being intermittent it's not easy to find. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
I had the same thing happen to me. I played with the different connections for about a month before the speedo packed up altogether. In the end it turned out to be the sensor on the gearbox that was faulty. Easily replaced if you can get under the car.

Thanks Neik, it doesn't look too difficult to get at but it still comes and goes. Maybe I can check it in an electric drill??? I'll have a play and let you know.

A year or so ago one of my 2.5's had intermitent problems steadily getting worse until it failed over some 3 months. It turned out to be the drive box. On the 2.5 there is a extra wire connector mid cable just along side the LHM resovoir that is useful for testing as the plug was the same as the one on the drive box. I obtained a replacement from the local dealer for about £20 (the packet was marked Saxo). It also looked a different physical shape but worked fine and there is no speedo error. Make sure that you keep the plastic drive cog as they are a separate item to the drive box. My dealer could not identify the cog from the parts list and wanted to see the existing one to be able to order a replacement. It was claimed that every XM model has different designs and number of teeth.


Took out the speedo drive. Whoops, it lets the oil out! Drove the gear from the electric drill. The wife said we got to 70mph. Just for interest drilled out the four little rivets to look inside. All clean and bright, sensing element is non contact, Hall effect so unlikely to be intermittent. Cleaned the plug contacts while I could get at them and reassembled. Speedo's worked fine for a week now.... Attached are some pictures of the unit opened up.
Funny, on mine it was sort of on top of the diff (I think), when I took it out the oil didn't come out.
Maybe the level was too low unsure.gif

Excellent result with some pictures to boot ! I bet there are a few wobbly speedo's out there. I've often heard people complaining about theirs.

It would be great if you could add some text to your pdf and turn it into a self help file. Then put it in the 'Self Help' section for the benefit of others.

Great stuff.


noz cool.gif
Yes, it's above the halfshaft but obviously just below the oil line when the front's on axle stands. I checked the oil afterwards and it was still about right so it may have been slightly high but I didn't loose too much.
Noz, I'll try and add some text but you may have to wait if I can get the MOT I'm going away....
Been away with the car for a while and the speedo's still playing up. Looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and buy a new sensor unit. Still not convinced it will solve the problem though. unsure.gif
Bought a new sensor. Works fine, wish I'd listened to Niek.....
Tried fitting it after a long run. Hell it gets hot down there and the heatshield doesn't appear to be well located. No wonder they fail.
Interestingly the new one was made in Monaco!!! (Different design but same supplier, Eaton).
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