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Cleaned up my XM today ready to give it a waxing but after much frsutration with a dirty bucket making it even muckier than before I decided to fork out and take it through the local ARC carwash thing. Got home again to admire the job and noticed that TWO of the Exclusive badges (tailgate and offside wing) had been washed off! I supposed the hot weather loosening the glue wouldn't have helped but being a bit miffed I drove back, only to find it was shut.

Now, I'll have to wait until morning to contact the local parts dealer to see if they have any badges in. Anyone had any bother getting XM badges - are they usually in stock?

Just been to my local dealer to order some more but hit a couple of snags. Firstly, the picture of the Exclusive badge on the system is different to the ones on the car. The Parts Manager looked through all of the Exclusive badges available and NONE were the same. They've ordered one to look at in the hope that "the picture is simply wrong". The next shock came the price - over £17 with VAT added. Each... ohmy.gif
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