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Full Version Grinding Noise... Suspect Suspension But Not Sure?

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Well, something had to go wrong sooner or later. sad.gif

My series 2 XM TD has started making a rather worrying noise. The noise is basically a low-pitched but quite loud grinding sound, and it happens either when I'm turning right sharply (even at relatively low speed) or when I'm braking. Noise seems to be coming from front left of the the car, so I suspect its something in the front left wheel area. My first guess is it's probably suspension related (steering related noises wouldn't happen on braking, right...?), but beyond that I'm stumped. I've had a look under the wheel arches and can't see anything obviously wrong, but I don't really know what I'm looking for.

Any pointers on things I should be checking?
Take off the wheel and check the brake pads. Sounds the most likely source of the noise.
Yep, or even a stone caught between the disk and the guard.
or maybe the wheel bearing.... though you'd expect to get that on straight-ahead too if it's that bad.

while checking things out, if you find nothing obvious, try removing the pads and then rotate the hub. Should spin freely and make no scraping/grinding noises.

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