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Hi all,
Well woke up this morning to this.... sad.gif
Nothing taken,nothing on display...Why do they do it ? ohmy.gif

How easy is it to replace any hints or tips ?


user posted image

I had it twice in my life, I know how're feeling. Overnighted in a street?
Hi Bantam, I know the feeling more than you might realise at the moment.
Bring back public birching and the stocks/pillory !!

Regarding replacement, I think you'll need to cut the old glass out with a cheesewire/blade kind of tool and the bond in a replacement glass with the appropriate bonding ( usually 2 pack I think). ( try for tools and sealant.) Preserving the trim and reattaching it might not be easy. Try on a donor car to get the glass out before you go to yours.
Good luck,
Yes those windows are stuck in BETTER then a windscreen!!

Changing the door may well be much easyer.. however, rodews sugestion may be your only option..

I am CONVINCED there is someone on this fourm, registered but doesn't contribute whos going around targeting us all... you'll see....

Im absolutly convinced..

Yep, been here too!! dry.gif mad.gif dry.gif mad.gif

Lopping off of hands would be too good for 'em though sterilisation for repeat offenders would
help to prevent them breeding - should be adopted by policy straight away by HMG Home Office...

You have my fullest sympathies; are you sure that nothing has been removed from the car like
a phone or even a charger or sunglasses etc? I recall I used to see the sun once upon a time...
IIRC, The quarters not badly bonded in - in fact there's a small 10mm nut hidden down in the
bowels of the door that secures the rail the glass is attached to.

Paul is right though, easier to change a door as you'll have to get one to get the glass off it anyway...

Mind Paul, you're being a tad paranoid about 'our stalker'; just the sorry state of play out there
in our little part of the world - it's all going beyond pear shaped sadly! sad.gif

Hi Bantam

The back rail has a 10mm nut top and bottom on the inside but the glass is supplied bonded to that rail. The front rail is just a push fit (tight though) over the glass edge and door frame. I have spare glass but none recovered as I have been sawing the glass and frame from the metal as I scrap doors. Getting in with cutting wire looks difficult which is why I have left recovering for now. I seem to remember that a while ago M&M engineering put some XM quarterlight glass cheap on ebay and that it failed to sell.


I'm with Andrew, let's start a petition, a movement or even a vigilante group - you only get a slap on the wrist even if you get caught doing anything these days. I'd be prepared to risk it !!
I did have the tool to apply castration bands in my garage......I say did.......

We live in hope, but I'm rapidly losing the will to want to be in this country any more.

Bastards! mad.gif mad.gif

Why the hell do they do it? These pondlife just don't know what its like to work and pay for and maintain a car, because they've never done a days work in their meaningless little lives.
They really are better off dead in most cases. What's the alternative, a lifetime of costing the taxpayer money as they languish on the dole, and in and out of prison (yeah, right), creating misery and strife all around them.


Good luck getting it fixed Bantam.

If it was me I did get done under my insurance- £50 and no loss of bonus. I reckon to miss out on all all that hassle £50 is worth it.
Wouldn't some insurers write off an XM for the cost of a repair like that though?

I recall someone on XM-L having theirs written off for a dented wing and broken sidelight....

I dont think insurance or cost is on Rodders mind, more the sentimental loss of 5 cars...

No amount of money will pay for the loss!!

Less of the money side and think about the sentimental loss... nothing can fix that Im sure!!


An insurer will never write a car off where glass is concerned, i had a 13yr old pug 205, real dog of a car, and it had every single bit of glass smashed by some..........."frustrated Youth" or w*****s as i affectionatly call them, and they replaced it without any questions dispite the car having a book value of £250, strange hey?

Hi Bantam

Sorry to hear your news, that's two today! Although yours is repairable. I'm going to France in a couple of weeks and just took out extended AA cover. On reading the terms it says they will not recover a car if the cost exceeds the value of the car. I enquired the costs they were talking about : £650.00 from France, how much is a '96 2.1 estate worth? I did ask if they would recover if I paid the difference and they said they would, so you would presumably have to argue it out afterwards.

Cheers guys looking at the the other thread this is nothing compared, but still carried out by the same mindless Scum.

To PeterN the AA will probably use Parkers Guide as a reference so this should give you some idea...

I'll let you all know how i get on.
Yes, a month back I was totally livid when someone keyed some of my cars...

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