Hi all

Put this here for now as not sure what exactly the problem is! Had my XM for about 1 month now and all seems to be going well with it. Apart from I've noticed when I move the car in the mornings off the driveway there are usually a couple of small (size of a side plate (ish)) wet patches on the drive - one from under the front, the other from under the rear (the rear one isn't as often for some reason). To all extents, the damp patch looks clear in colour (not bright green as I initially feared) BUT, there is an oily looking glaze to the surface of it. Now, I have my a/c on all the time and I know it will usually dump the condensed water where it's parked so could it be this? My wife's Galaxy has it's a/c on all the time and it too leaves wet patches but not oily looking ones. Any ideas?