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Full Version Split Cv Gaiter On The Drivers Side

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I have just found the outside gaiter has just split on the drivers side front. This is the first one to fail since i have owned the car. Can anyone give me a run down how to change it and if any special tools are needed.

The xm is a 1990 2.0 i

I have looked at GSFs web sign and it give two gaiters n45000 and n45022 i would think it was the latter but with little info on there sight its hard to be 100% sure.

Thanks for any help

Two different drive shaft sizes.

Manual gearbox and auto gearbox sizes apparently are different.. I guess to, either ABS or NOT..

I dont beleve in the split gaiter boot, that you glue together, they are just not worth it.

Well, suspension up, jack under the subframe, then lower the car to bottom setting, release wheel nuts, jack car back up. Remove wheel. Secure car on a stand.

IF you have steel wheels, remove trim, take out R clip (you may have to take wheel off then put it back on again after), remove cap. 36mm SOCKET undo drive shaft nut VERY VERY tight!! Use a 1" drive set - makes it VERY easy.

Remove wheel, 22 mm socket, remove bottom ball joint and seperate the joint. You dont always have to remove the steering joint, but 16mm socket if you feel you do.

Push drive shaft out you may need to tap with a rubber mallet.. and then you can either do it on the car, or split the shaft at the engine.

The CV joint is held on with a clip and it needs a mighty GOOD clout to get it to come away, takes me a strike or to with a mallet. Its a circlip that compresses with the force to allow the CV tp come away. Remove CV, slide boot off, and then as the book of jokes says Refit is reversal of removal!!

Have fun and get VERY messy with grease....

gaiter size will depend on the driveshaft fitted, and there are I believe 2 generally.
Auto, V6 and diseisels had the thicker shaft, as probably did manual turbo's. The early 2.0 non-turbo (carb/injected) had the thinner shaft, not sure about the 16v versions.

oh, you can get stretch type gaiters too, saves having to take the CV joint off the shaft.... can't comment on how easy to slip over though. I took the easy way out and got my local garage to do it with the MOT, £50 fitted smile.gif

See eBay

Citroen CV joint boot kit part no 3293.91 which fits Mk 1 XM with ABS up to RP No 05900 according to Citroen Service. Buy it now for £3.98 + £3.98 p/p.

Any use?

thanks for all your help.

I have got hold of two new cv joint kits for £30. I will replace the whole joint (if they are the right ones!) as the car has over 130k on the clock and more then likely are a bit worn anyway and knowing my luck i will break the joint getting it off!

Just have to hope the rain stop on the weekend so i can get on with the job.

thanks again
Personally I wouldnt bother!

The XM drive shafts seem to be the STRONGEST part of the drive train. Ive never heard an XM drive shaft knock and I drove my V6 for about 9 months with a broken boot and no grease and it still NEVER knocked, ive obviously put a boot on and filled it up.. Ive heard from other sources of strong CV joints on the cars, so I personally dont worry about needing to change joints with milage..

Obviously the choice is yours depending what makes you feel happier, its just my personal experiance.

If you use a suitable drift, a piece of steel rod or bar about 1/2"- 1" in diameter, position the end on the CV joint against the shaft and drive it outwards with a fairly heavy hammer, you will probably find you can get the joint off without taking the shaft out. One good sharp knock with heavy enough hammer will close the snap ring and release the joint.

on the 'never heard of' front, I believe someone else, here or on XM-L has had a driveshaft CV lockup in flight and it wasn't an experience he'd want again.

Agree though, 130K doesn't seem too bad, depending on how it's been maintained (gaiters kept in good repair) and driven. I do wonder if mine are worn, given the clonking I can induce under extreme load when cornering, esp on roundabouts. Still, garage didn't mention anything on the MOT or gaiter replacement, so....

I think I have replaced one, a few years ago, but of my present cars two have done nearly 200k and one has done about 220k with out a click or knock in sight.

Hi All

New XM drive shafts are a regular buy-it-now surplus offering on ebay by a supplier who has a habit of offering good reductions, typically as low as £50. My only concern is identifying the correct drive shaft for the XM model and age because I think there are a few sizes of shaft and permutations of ABS ring to cater for.



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