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does anybody recognise this bit...........

user posted image

I've been working on the facia, glovebox and centre consol recently and I've found this piece left over........I can't remember removing it and everything went back together ok, but I'd rather have everything right, so if somebody could identify it for me I'd be grateful.


Hi Paul

It looks as though it bolts to the steering column, bracket for facia to screw to perhaps?

I have a box of bits left over from when I did the head gasket about 60k ago!

Hi Paul

This is a bit from an electric armrest installation, it screws on the rear side of the box and the "L"s small base bolts on the armrest motor baseplate through the boxe's bottom. Done it a month ago....

agreed George
Im glad someone knows what they are talking about! wacko.gif
Thanks Peter, at least you had a go biggrin.gif .
To be honest, I felt pretty sure that it came from around the steering column area too..........oops unsure.gif

Thanks George and aengus, I've had the armrest out as it's not working, so it looks like It'll have to come out again.

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