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Full Version Flushing The Cooling System

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Hi all

I absolutely want to flush my cooling system this time before I put a fresh mix for the winter.

But I will also have to tackle the heater matrix one of these days.

So was wondering: can I flush the engine side of things from the heater matrix inlet+outlets? Or will the thermostat be in the middle? I'm not aware of the channeling geography overthere.


ps. engine is of course the V6 PRV 12v.
At the risk of being shot down in flames, I would have thought that as the thermostat is designed to isolate the engine fom the radiator when cold you would not flush the complete system. However if you remove the thermostat it should give access to all the crooks and nannies, sorry, nooks and crannies, for the price of a new gasket.

It may also be adviseable to change the thermostat too, especially since they cost a few quid and it has to come out anyway to flush the system properly.

Better safe than sorry. I did this the last time I changed the coolant in my Xantia this summer. I dropped the new and old thermostat into the kettle of boiling water and was amazed at how much more the new one opened than the old one!

Just to update on that, I'm told by a V6 PRVs specialist friend that yes, flushing through the matrix pipes will flush the engineon this side of the thermostat.

Hope to be doing it sometime in October.

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