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Full Version Series 2 Front Bumper Removal

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David Hallworth
Any of you guys got any experience removing the front bumper from a series 2 XM?

Need mine off hopefully tommorrow.

Thanks in advance for any pointers anyone can give me.


Hi David

Too one off today.
In the front of each front wheel arch there is a oval hole with a large blind rubber grommet. Behind the grommet there is a 13mm bolt that hold the end of the bumper to a wing on the chassis. There are two 10mm bolts, holding ears on the bottom edge of the plastic of the bumper to the underside of the front subframe. The bumper and its support beam should now pull off the front of the car. It may be better to remove just the plastic part of the bumper and to do this you need to remove the number plate under which you will find two deeply recessed 10mm bolts. There are also three or four plastic ears along the top edge of the bumper plastic and these have T30 bolts. You need to remove the nosecone to get at these bolts.
Sounds easy but rust and corrosion tend to attack all but the torx bolts making this a sod of a job on some older cars.


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