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Hi, I had my car serviced (new LHM, starter clean up, new brake pads, replaced shattered front parking light, some dashboard fuel-meter circuit replaced, new wipers motor and wipers, new parking brake, fixed brake lights stopping to work in the middle of the ride). But ever since I left this (citroen specialized, but not official) service, I've experienced these 2 issues that I'm seriously baffled about

1) when I turned my front lights on, only the parking lights would light up, but turning on high beams worked. I took a further look at it home, and after a while of trying to figure out if turning something else on makes any difference, the front lights lighted up when I turned on the high beams. Since then, everything works as expected. The lights worked fine before.

2) once, while waiting for my car to "get up", I tried adding a little gas just to hear the engine, but it got stuck at around 1800 RPM (1000 RPM being the base - V6 24v engine) and wouldn't come back to 1000 RPM until I added a bit of gas again.

thanks for any insight

for item 1 I'd suspect the relays under the front slam panel, one does the dip-beam and is a common problem - corrosion of the terminals. remove relay clean conracts and socket and apply vasoline before refitting should sort it...

for the second one, maybe the air-control valve is sticking, had similar on a 2.0sei, had a habt of revving to 3000rpm when you were pulling up to a stop in traffic which was unnerving.

thanks for the hints
David Hallworth
My V6 24v Series 1 did exactly the same thing.

It turned out that it was the MAP sensor that is mounted to the back of the bulkhead.

I had a spare one so tried it and it solved the problem. Other thing to check is the pipe that goes from this sensor to the throttle body, it gets hot whilst the car is running which makes the pipe become very hard and leads to it cracking. If this isn't holding a good vacuum it can cause all sorts of problems. - When checking this watch when taking the rubber pipe off the MAP sensor as it has a habit of breaking the plastic bit on the sensor.


I might have said this before... but Another Series One 24v to add to the list...

Im considering makeing a Series 1 24v Register...and try and find out exactly how many are left here...

Ditto the comments above, I would have sugested the relay for the headlights, my 12v Series 1 started this, I changed the relay and been fine since..

My 24v still suffers a high idle unless I blip the throttle it then settles but stops at about 1200 rpm.. not looked into it yet as shes not quite ready for the road..

I've probably mentioned it before, but I've got the 24v specific supplement workshop manual
online at YahooGroups to download in two parts:

guess you'll need to register to get into the files section though. Not sure about paying for
webspace to upload these to for a download link here; too many other things to do and as
I'm an oddball mac user I don't want to faff about looking at PC only plugins etc; life's too
short to spare time fighting my around a PC!!

First you'll need to go to:

There's also these links that are worth checking out for the fans I recall were causing problems:

I somehow missed the notification e-mails, thanks for the additional info!
Im considering makeing a Series 1 24v Register...and try and find out exactly how many are left here...

I second that smile.gif always been a fan of statistics smile.gif you can count me in for the coding (HTML etc) part if you decide to go ahead
Stand up here then, those that want to be counted!!
K766 CJH my dark blue s1. More spec details available if there's a point in listing them here!!

Currently showing around 184k miles

Theres only about 12 UK ones to find...!

Andrew, "JH" same area reg as my girl, FJH!

Thankyou! tongue.gif

Did I mention I purchased it from Chester? Just along the road from you... tongue.gif

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