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Full Version Turbo, Another Imminent Demise Of A Car?

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Michael P
Now I have it in black and white, my 2l i XM exclusive I just bought in May is a real lemon. Well, I sort of knew this after 2 days of ownership but if things can get worse we know they will. I have little time this summer to repair it and especially as I have no lift it looks like it is doomed. I have not even driven it for a month. Stupidly paid 1.2k to buy it.
It was sold to me (ebay) as having a leaky exhaust manifold or gasket but I have had it in the garage today for a check on what really is the problem. The bloke said it was a cracked turbo housing (exhaust side) and possibly a problem with the manifold as well. That would make some sense as there are traces of oil on the bulkhead and also it blows more when it is cold that when it is hot. Now there is a limit of what I can do on my own, especially stuff that requires access from the underneath of the car is pretty much out of the question.
Now I know I can buy reconditioned units but I don't know how much they cost. It is not even clear what unit it exactly is and the bloke said without removing it he wouldn't know. I have seen there seem to be two types on offer, called TB2567 and the other just TB25.
I was quoted around £600 for the part plus min. 3h labour and that will be another grand spent. Well that still does not guarantee that the car will pass the MOT as there are other issues.
I have lots of other things to attend this summer and the MOT is due in October I think.
As the XMs I have had have all been very flaky, in fact all the Citroens I have owned from CX, BX, XM have all not lasted longer than max. 3 years before the grim reaper came to get them. As much as I love Citroens for their ride and comfort (and space for the XM) it looks like my Citroen days are counted. If anybody wants to make me an offer for the car, it still drives well, has an MOT and some tax...


All I ever wanted was another S1 2l i sei with all leather comfort, in good working order. Buhhh...
Theres what looks like a great S1 SED Turbo D with Air con and leather!! £BIN 399...

Bite the bullet and get a DERV you would be surprised!

You could get a 2nd hand unit for about 6 quid, a mate got one for his Turbo from a breaker for 60 quid or so..

They either have a Garret, or an AI Research unit on them...

I have a Turbo here, but of course with running a turbo myself would hang on to it..

Do you still want the indicator unit, I have one here for you to try..

rolleyes.gif You're quite lucky with only three hours labour if this includes exhaust manifold..
Keep chasing and don't give up, and you will find good secondhandparts for a low price.
But it all depends on your view about a car.. Of course a Vauxhall will do the job of moving you as well.
Excuse me, new member, no mention of the V word here please!

Yes he very well might find a good cheap part, they are out there somewhere...

Michael P
I will let you know Paul. I have to digest all this fist of all. Don't really want a Diesel either. Need to ponder a bit. I was sceptical with Turbos, here's the reason why. Although I had a CX turbo with a superb engine, in fact the only good thing about it.
Maybe there is somebody who has one on offer that is collecting dust in a garage...

Michael P
Done some research and it looks like there are two variants listed for the car.

TB2567 and TB25. With the RGX XU10J2TE it should be the TB25, right ...????
I don't want the garage to buy a part for me as they tend to put £££s on the price.

I was quoted £385 up and there is essentially nil stock. As my case is cracked it is probably not valid for an exchange either. £625+VAT for new one on exchange.

Anybody out there who knows more?


Both the garret and the AI Research look identical on the outside, the unit is a water cooled unit, in which the cooling system runs through them to cool them..

Request a 2nd hand one from 24/7 breakers, Im sure they would NOT sell you a cracked one.. Ive changed a turbo with the enigne in situ, it was fiddly but possible so theres no real need to remove the engine...

If you get REALLY stuck, I may well let this spare unit go, my tax has arived for the black car so I can start using her on the road, and see how she goes...

Hi Michael,
try Citroen Andre in the Netherlands. XM specialist. Does second hand parts. Quick dispatch as well.
Look at Speaks English, so you can phone him if you prefer.Good luck
I've heard of people simply welding split turbo housings closed and them not giving any bother thereafter...

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